Hello Hallos,
Its the beginning of the third Month of the Year, we still have about 366-59 days do the Maths, there is still loads and loads of time to start your new years resolution.....LOL.

Dont let the Monday bunny let you wait for another Monday, coincidentally today is a sunday and i hope everybody is meal prepped, or at least meal bought and ready for the week.

I havnt done any of these,ill most probably have to eat salads all week long because i have two major  exams and well ain't nobody got time to go to super store. Lazy bunny.

Yesterday i spent the whole day in school studying and as i walked into the house at about 9 pm, my evil size 2 sister had KFC chicken and chips waiting on the table. She had ordered it and when she came she hated it. Well i was tired and the only food i had had all day was fried eggs at 9 am. I WENT IN. skinned all of the fried crispy chicken, the best part in my opinion and dug into 4 huge pieces of chicken it was delicious. I kept downing it telling myself its protein and its part of my Paleo. Who is fooling who? It was good though.

Afterwards i came upstairs and told myself to HELL, I am going to sleep and relax and forget about the 1120 calories(i log everything i eat on my fitness pal so i was about 300 calories above my daily limit. ) i just downed after all one day of bad behaviour cant make me fat right? well Wrong. For me that single act of misbehaviour could spiral into a month of bad choices.

There i was, for the life of me the first time ever posting my goals out there in public, and the devil wanted to use me to misbehave. I gave myself a pep talk my trying on one of my too small tops which is now just a small top because it fit and then changed into my Gym clothes and went straight to the treadmill downstairs and put in 3miles at 4.5MPH.BOOOOM!!!

all through that work out, i was about to turn off the machine and call it a night, plus my polar watch was acting a fool and the truth after studying for 12 hours straight, i was dead bit. I told myself all through the workout, if you had stayed away from those delicious KFC chicken you'd be tucked in bed quietly, no guilt plus the last time i put in work was actually on Wednesday so i think it was necessary at least....Crazy week i tell you.

The Essence of this little story is just to show everyone who thinks i don't have bad days or days where i just chock it up to the weight loss fairy and say do your business  because today am only human, yesterday was one of them.

I saw this somewhere," Failure is ok, its what you do after you get up thats important." . I got up this morning and went and burned another 620 calories and its nice to know that the work out of the day is behind me. In my case when people ask me what keeps you going, i say it is the fact that i know that i do not have a choice to go back to an unhealthy life. I have to put in work everyday of my life so i can get results.

Do i love exercising ? Hells to the NO, but i will continue to put in work forever. Its the life i have decided to lead and i will March on for as long as ever necessary.

Talked about this in my previous post, but i am going to Join a challenge in March in the hopes of winning 1000 Dollars, but as well the challenge will keep me motivated and keep things interesting for me and it will also be a chance for me to meet people who are also on this journey with me.

To me this challenge is a Win/Win situation (off course i want the money. HA!) I am still going to be a winner anyways because i will lose weight, period.

Ok Guys...Today is packed so i need to run off.fro having to make my hair to going to the store, somethings got to give. ill be trying to check in this month as often as possible most especially to update you on the challenge.

Talk to you guys later loves. Toddles.

Nossybelle out.x


precy said…
nosa where are u naaa. we have missed u gan. we need posts nd progress on ur journey so we cn be motivated. oya give us one april post

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