Hey guys,
Longest time,life took over and I let it. Hope everybody is doing good ? Yes I am still very much on my journey, struggling one day at a time to stay healthy.

Losing weight is still and I guess will always be one of the best decisions of my life if I do say so myself. Aside from the looking good and being able to wear the skimpiest outfits, which are some of the perks that come with weightloss, the health benefits are countless.

Being able to wear shorts has nothing on being able to get out of bed without struggling, or almost dying from climbing a flight of stairs, or just basically being able to live your life, trust me, all the health benefits outweigh the sexiness however, I'll take BOMBSHELL diva anytime of day.

Today's  blog has been weighing heavily on my mind for quite sometime and I have tried to hold my tongue and keep my opinion to myself but after I saw an article which was about famous American Actress Gabrielle Sidibe, it got me thinking a lot and even forced me to bring pen to paper.

Gabrielle talked about being overweight, and how society is mean to people who are morbidly obese and how she is able to keep her head held up high and walk around confident.

I lived in a morbidly Obese body for most of my life and trust me when I tell you it is the most uncomfortable thing ever. Carrying around over 200 pounds of unnecessary fat is uncomfortable and for the most part very unhealthy.

I was one of the lucky few who got away with being overweight without any health implications. I can't even say that because my menstral circle was non existent and I had personally diagnosed myself with PCOS (look it up) which is somewhat hereditary and well let me say the women in my family are know to get pregnant by been touched with a 2 Inch pole by a man, so I knew I was fooling myself. Deep down I knew what the real problem was, but it was easier to lie to myself.

Since I started to drop the weight, I have never missed a period in the last 11 months. Sometimes I sit back  and say to myself look at what you were doing to your body.

When it comes to weightloss, I ask when do we get to the point where we say enough is enough? Let me tell you the truth nobody can really care about you more than you care about yourself.

The  people who tear down Gabrielle and call her ugly could careless if she lives or dies, it's cheap fun for them in the moment, something to talk about and very easy for them to hide behind all their insecurities and self loathe. These same people will ignore her and jump on the next bandwagon once another fat Person comes along. I know because I lived this life.

A lot of people still argue with me today, that I was never insecure and I was bold and confident. Honey, you got to fake it till you make it. At least that's what I did till I decided that it was time to take charge of my life.

Taking charge of your health/life has nothing to do with anybody else. No one is going to feel good with you when you get to your goal or borrow your body suit to go out, it is your body and it's the only one you will be given on this earth and I employ you to take care of it forgetting the bullshit talk of anyone else. YOU NEED TO FIND YOUR LIFE!

I am all for self love and self confidence, for me loving myself was deciding to do something about my health. When I started out I just wanted to not DIE in my sleep, be able to get out of bed, and basically just stay alive long enough. Shopping and been chased around my guys, are my added perks am might I say I am absolutely LOVING IT.

No matter how much weight you loose, if you do not love yourself at 360 pounds you will not be able to love yourself at a 100 pounds either. I am sorry to break it to you, but weightloss doesn't come with that package love, that's a personal problem that has to be dealt with separately. On this one I say go Gaby.

Finally, as regards Gabrielle I think she is doing good promoting *SELF LOVE* bravo to her. I do not however agree on her views on the weight issue but that's my own opinion. (People will kill me for this) One thing I know is when she is ready she would do something about her health just like I did and that's her own business. Monique is a very good example she got on the healthy bandwagon even after years of promoting self love. (NO SHADE)

Anyone who is still on this journey or about to get on it, or is still thinking if or not to, do it at your own time, just always remember that it's all about you.whether you a size 50 or a size 2 people wills still chat SHIT, so just be great!!!

Fuck people they will all die anyways. LMAO.

I am out of here.



ucee said…
Your story inspires me...i weigh 85 kg but i want to loose weight but the probkem is self discipline...i love myself no doubt but i know i woud look better if i loose an 15kg....i dont know how i can have a personal conversation with you but my email address is ikeonuuchechukwu@yahoo.com

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