Hellos hellos.

I know everybody is doing fine because somehow I have been able to communicate with you guys one way or the other.

Life has taken me away from my blog. I have so many drafts of posts, which I have started to write and never completed. After all the madness from Last Semester, I rested for about two weeks and became bored and went to register for summer classes. I presume I am a masochist if that’s the right word. I love to inflict pain on myself. SIGH. So i am battling summer blues and the need to do assignments and stay on track it is crazy trust me.but been busy keeps me from the FRIDGE so praise the Lord!

A lot is going on at the same time, and its a whole lot of good. My parents bought a house (yay them) and ran away to Nigeria leaving me and my sister to move in by ourselves (Nay them).I have somehow managed to escape all our moves from all our houses trust me in my short life, I have moved fairly a lot of number of  times & this is the first time I am actually physically involved. I also got a job (yay me) but I have to be on training for 6 weeks and at the same time prepare for exams for my summer classes (nay me) to say I am exhausted would be understating my predicament. I wish I was normal and stress made me loose weight, I stress eat but Gods got me.

I am extremely thankful grateful and blessed to be experiencing all these things at the same time I want to believe that it is preparing me for something? Ill wait and see.

My post today is going to be raw and brutal and honest. so decided to cushion it just a little bit before I went in. ooh weight loss which this blog is solely centered about. Loool off course I am still on it duh!!!! Like I said before, I have no other options really I just keep going I now wear a size 14 TOP btw (yay me) my lower body and I are still having discussions concerning when it will start to behave but we thank God. My zeal for taken pictures has gone to zero because all my clothes are ill fitting and I look like a rascal in them. To me that’s a good enough problem ill fitting clothes ill take that over UMPALUMPA anyday.

Ok lets go in. “HOLD YOUR BREATH” so lately I have gotten quite a few SAVE MES’. Now let me tell you guys the truth. Nobody can save you but yourself.  I do not have the cure for lack of self-control. There is nothing I can possibly do for you. I like to eat sweets, breads, rice, drink soda, chocolate, burger, fries, have a sundae you name it,but I CONTROL myself. That’s how I do it. SELF CONTROL. And its defined as the control of your M****R F*****G self. Excuse my language.

People come to me everyday to say they need help loosing weight. Most of the time when we begin to have conversations I realise they already know what to do but I still oblige them because lets face facts, I knew what to do at 174kg but id rather ask questions and do NOTHING.

Not until I was fully ready and committed did I actually take that next step. I go out of my way even with my crazy hectic life to get on the Internet and read stuff and still come back to enlighten them and check up on them. You check my Internet history and you would think I was writing a PhD Thesis on nutrition.

Even after losing so much weight I still find myself reading and trying to know more. Some would say oh man its hard. Haha waking up in the morning to get into a wheel chair is HARD, fighting cancer is HARD, being blind, deaf crippled  is HARD. So don’t go on and tell me that taken charge of your healthy complete life is HARD.

Some people come to me for help, and when I give my advice  they start arguing with me trying to educate me and I keep my mouth shut because most definitely they will always and forever be back like I mean why did you come to me in the first place if you had it all figured out? Just like everyone else I am still exploring, trying to figure out what works for me which is very much possibly not work for you, that’s why I encourage reading.

I try to be graceful as much as possible, but human beings make it really difficult. I post up a diet or something I am trying out, some people want me to spell it out for them from A-Z that’s never going to happen in a million years you need to learn to read, educate yourself. If you know better you do better not just in weight loss but also in life generally.

There is no weight loss superhero anyone that told you that there is one lied.  Everyday u need to dust up your invisible/visible cloak whatever you like, get up and save yourself.

All the crap you want to eat, you have eaten a gazillion times and well to be honest that’s why we are all where we are you know here trying to loose weight.

One last thing before I go, I am not perfect, I have my days of gluttony the only difference this time around for me is I don’t sit down with my head buried in a tube of ice cream crying for someone to save me. When I make bad choices, I close the tube, drop the spoon, dust myself up and keep it moving because one thing I have learnt on this journey is that NOBODY IS GOING TO SAVE YOU EXCEPT YOU GET UP AND SAVE YOURSELF. Once you get that stuck up somewhere in your subconscious it’s a major home run from that point.

Aright guys, off to do some ZUMBA.

Toddles loves, see you later.

Nossybelle  out.X


Izzzy said…
Hahahahahah No one can save u... FACT!!!
Anonymous said…
Nice one dear. Pls whats ur current weight? #curious. Lol
charlene said…
You said the damn thing and spoke truth. You got this. Thanks for this post
Yes. No one can save me but myself. That's the fact. Keep up the good work dear. You can check out my blog here
thefoodaddicts said…
wow. you used to weight 174kg, how did you cope? btw you look amazing now and i am amazed by your weight loss journey. I have to tell my cousin to have a look at your blog a she's on a weight loss journey too (she weighs 100kg). keep it up!
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Frances Okoro said…
Hello, Happy New year!
Hope you are good?
Been checking up here for new posts.take care of you :-)

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