December 27th 2015, I happily hummed up the stairs thinking in my head that I wasn't going anywhere the following day, I was off work and I was going to sleep all day. Boy was I wrong !

i live in Canada, Calgary to be specific and the weather outside is frightful.

As I proceeded to my room, my mum goes on and informs me that I will be having to take them-my dad inclusive to run some errands. Pfffft . I rolled my eyes until I could see my brain follicles and said ok. The bible says honour your parents so that your days will be long. Listen, you will honour my own parents wether the bible says it or NOT because your days will be cut short, my mother will make sure of that. She brought us into this world and she can take us out she tells us that all the time. 

Morning came, I kissed my bed good bye, because that's my baby and I spend half of my life on her doing absolutely nothing. my bed is bae. we share a special bond that i just cant explain.

As an optimist, I go full on thinking it will be at most an hour of my life time taken away from me, I could live with that. We get to our destination and my mum informs me that We were in the wrong building this is after i had managed to get a parking spot in the mist of all the madness. Let me give you the low down of what's going on outside.

It's -11 degrees, snowing plus this destination was at the mall and parking was hell. Mama I love you but ain't nobody got time for THAT. She quickly informs me that they would be transitioning to the correct building by foot. That worried me because the ground was slippery and it was freezing outside but the spirit of selfishness in me at that moment was grateful.

I said a silent prayer for them NOT to fall because that would be a totally entirely different issue all together. I proceeded to go into the mall and buy a few things and when i was done went straight to get Chinese food to calm my nerves (that's the only thing that can calm me down FOOD) after I was done with that, I sat down in a corner of the mall and messaged my sisters and told them of the hell i was going through and how our parents had ruined my life. I even wrote a totally different blog post from this one I am sending out we will get to that later on.

Three hours into this ERRAND I called my mom and they were NOT DONE. Cue whatever song fits this scenario, I was obviously LIVID, uggggghhhhh . I started to have monologues with my self & fantasize about all of the positions I would have taken on my bed . Holy mother of God. I wanted to go home and I wanted to go home right now !!!

Alas i get the call from mama saying that they were done and ready to go.. Thank you mum for the damage u have caused to my debit card (involuntary forced shopping) and my heart - from Chinese to Starbucks to cinzeo, I could feel my arteries wailing but my heart screaming hallelujah we are going home . 

When my dad gets into the car he apologizes for keeping me waiting for so long & mum immediately stretches the sandwich she bought for me in my face . She housed me for 40 weeks so she knows food is the answer to any of my life problems ANY. Not today mother - I had eaten Chinese and every other disgusting thing sold at the mall. (In my head) I am like you took 3 hours of my life that I will never get back just get in let me get to my bed. 

Now when I am upset, I go dead num silent. I used to go bat shit cray before but I realized that been quiet actually gave me time to think & gain perspective as opposed to my old days of going straight for the jugular. Lool

I woke up on my beautiful beautiful bed . Why the obsession with my bed many will ask . That's a story for another day .  

Yeah so I woke up, decided I wanted to take a bubble bath. As I opened the faucet and the water filled the tub,realization came flooding in and it hit me,without my little old mum and dad, that I complained about all damn day, I wouldn't have no water to take no baths, or no bed to sleep in or no car to drive & most importantly if they where not here with me, my life would definitely be a lot HARDER. 

Remember I said I wrote an entirely different blog post at the mall. I woke to edit that and realized it was filled with in-gratitude. I really have nothing to complain about to be honest .When I look at my life, like when I really do look at my life closely, I am indeed blessed. 

2015 was generally a hard year for everyone. Some even more than others. When I look at the things I wanted in 2015 & didn't get, they are ALL things I can try again for in the new year and even for the rest of my life. Everything is not going to go your way all of the time and that's OK! Life is NOT always smooth. 

So as the year comes to a close, I have decided to count my blessings instead of mourn my losses. I am not even going to lie, it was a difficult year and one that I may spend the rest of my life getting over BUT I choose to go out counting my blessings. 

As the curtain falls and i take a bow to 2015 here are some of the things I am grateful for: I am grateful for my parents and their 3 hour trips to the mall here's hoping for more of those for a long long time to come, I am grateful for my health, I am grateful for my family everybody I came Into the new year with is leaving with me, I am grateful for wisdom, most of all I am grateful for the gift of second chances. In about 72 hours I get a clean brand new slate to mess up all over again now if that ain't a blessing, then I don't know what else is.

As the hours get closer, the countdown gets louder before the clock strikes midnight, take a moment to reflect on the year in review & if there still isn't anything good that u think came out of it, the fact that you are still here shows u are a survivor, plus like I said before u get a new slate in a few hours to play with let that get U giddy.

Happy new year guys and cheers to new beginnings .

Nossybelle out. Xoxo


Omoye Ajiboye said…
This is such a beautiful post Nosa! Totally expected a different twist but loving this one! 2015 was a good year for me - God has been good to me and I don't show it enough but I am SO grateful. God bless you Boo! See you in 2016 by His grace. Xxx
Anonymous said…
Beautiful post Nosa.......Madam blogger didn't know u had this in u
Keep it up it will take u places
Jessica said…
You are sooo right! There are always things to be grateful for. I really like this post, thanks for sharing girl! Cheers to 2016 Nosa
Unknown said…
Lol I can totally agree with the whole shopping thing but you're very right about something, without them life would be very difficult and drama free and we all know we need some drama.Thank you for these words Nosa,you basically said wot a lot of us are thinking about but not saying. Love you loads babes and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of us.
Ibhade Odigie said…
Welcome back and well done honey bun. Cheers to all the blessings of 2016

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