So i am sitting here it is Jan 31st and i just can’t contain my joy, not only is it my sisters’ birthday today, (happy birthday my yellow paw paw love you), It is also a testament to the fact that 31 days ago i was a totally different person. I have somehow found my joy again all by MYSELF.

A few days ago, i was going through my phone and i saw a picture i had taken on January 1st. i was crying in that picture. now i look at it is a constant reminder of where i am coming from, that picture looks so odd but i am so happy that i took it, it is a reminder of everything i never ever want to be or feel again. This is not just weight loss related but in every single aspect of my life. Joy really does come in the morning.

I was supposed to update this blog every week. i actually did write a post every week and intended to post it, but i just wasn’t feeling it at all. every time i wrote, i felt like it was forced so I didn’t post it. i apologies because i know ALOT of you have been waiting for an update.

I saw this meme a couple of days ago that said January was a trial month and the new year starts in February. I am so glad to say that January was an absolutely awesome month for me. i have laughed more in 31 days that i did in the last 365 days .

At the beginning of the new year, I said 2016 was going be lit and so far so freaking good.

I am down a whooping 20 pounds. I will take 20 pounds, because the goal was 10 pounds, so we blew that right out of the pack. hurray for bringing sexy back.

I realized something this month as well, rid yourself of everything that makes you unhappy. when i used to see “good vibes only “i used to raise my nose to people who used to say that because I was the assumption you just can’t be happy all of the time. I am still of the same assumption but you can actually be happy A LOT of the time if you actually follow this simple rule. The company you keep can determine the entire course of your day to day life.

Let me say this before i go, January was fantastic for me, i am writing this cheesing like a girl in love, but if you had some hiccups and things didn’t go your way, its your life as far as i am concerned you can start your new year on Feb 1st if that’s what you wish.

Speaking from experience, do not let a bad month turn into a bad year, totally not worth it. when i look at my goals for 2016, they scare me a lot but i know come December 31st 2016 i would have crossed them all off my list.

Get out a piece of paper or a diary or a board or whatever u write on, make your new years’ resolutions again, send out a happy new years message again to everybody. at midnight, today open a bottle of wine and toast your self to a happy new year, lucky for all of us Feb 1st is a Monday what are the odds? perfect
What we are definitely not going to do is give up or stay down. Get up now and GO

Talk to you all soon.


Nossybelle out.Xx


Anonymous said…
How are you keeping? Been refreshing for updates from you. Hope you're well
nosayaba bello said…
Girl i am good... i have been so busy. i will drop a post very very very soon. how are you doing. talk soon.kisses
Frances Okoro said…
Hi Nosa...

I have never commented on your blog but pop in time after time just to check on you.

I hope you are fine... little by little, God is working in your life and the sadness and everything is all in the plan.
Gopd loves you and I am sure you have a personal insight into this already... I pray HE also sends you people who show you this love in awesome ways.

Stay slaying.

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