STORY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!

Hi dudes and duddettes.

Lets get down to business!!!!

Yesterday, I wrote my first post, avoiding telling you guys anything about myself.

Well here goes...

My name is Nosayaba Bello and I am a foodie. (Hi, Nosa). I love to EAT.

I have always been a big child and growing up, I have constantly battled with my weight. I was born into a family of 7 where everybody weighs in on two digits.

I remember when my real struggle started. It was the year I started High school. I was still weighing in on two digits, but among my peers, I was huge for a child who was at that time only 12/13years old.

From hence, my weight ascended and ascended to the point where I am finally trapped today. Steady up rise into three digits. Fast forward ten years later, I am here, stuck in this fat suit that i HATE so much.

Some times i really don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. Because i know from the moment I step out of my safe haven, which is my room, I will get judged.

Start from the gatemen at my gate, who open the main gate for me because they believe I may not fit into the pedestrian side walk... Or my bosses making me take the stairs and chasing me out of the elevator.

The funny thing is my weight has never inhibited me, i have found a way to be able to do most of the things that most normal sized people do.

Looking back at my last statement i begin to think now.

There are so many things I would like to do without being hindered bu the many disadvantages of being heavy weight. For example, I will like to go on a boat without thinking that people would be scared it will capsize when I get on. I will like to pass in front of a group of guys and not hold my breath, praying that they dont say something nasty. I will like to be IN LOVE and stay in love (I WILL EXPLAIN THIS IN ANOTHER POST ENTIRELY). I want to be able to run.. To go for an interview and not worry if the words coming out of my mouth will be heard or if my size will inhibit me from getting through.

Guys, I want to basically LIVE...

Now calm down. I know most people will say "Oh we want all these things". I have experienced some of them. But for me, I mentally put a cap on it all.

God has blessed me with confidence and his grace has carried me through all this negativity i have faced in life.

Recently, a guy i was starting something with came down to see me. And you know what, I know he is gonna see this post, but right now, I am not even thinking of the consequences. I am just pouring out my heart...

As I was saying, the period he was around for constituted the worst five days of my entire life. I think the worst form of torture is the emotional one. hahaha. But i will forever be grateful to you, baby. Because, you changed my life.

As i walked into my bathroom the day after he left, I looked at myself and i saw this beautiful woman looking back at me with such sad eyes and a broken spirit, and I knew just then that i was going to do something about this weight.

This weight is coming off, whether the devil likes it or not. To be clear, this is not going to be the first time i will start a weight loss journey. But my spirit, body and soul knows this will be last time.

I know this because, this time, I don't want to loose weight so i can be at a healthy enough weight to eat sweets and cakes and everything bad for my body. NO NO NO NO NO .

This time, I want to do it for the rest of my life. God forbid that my children suffer or go through what I have gone through.

This time, I have carefully done my research and found out that you can still eat the foods you love, but modify the fatty carbs and oil with healthier choices. I never knew this. (Light bulb moment). Like the bible says, “my people perish for lack of knowledge”.

The first step of my journey is a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) called the Cambridge diet.

I will be writing about it on my next blog post. I started on the 20th of May and i have dropped a total of 8kg already. Miracle right? Not really.

So people, my blog is going to be about my weightless journey. I'M COMING OUT AND I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW. Because, whether you like it or not accountability keeps you in perspective. This is going to be my diary where I post daily entries of how the go dey go and whats up in Foodiesville.

I have to go now. I haven't even ironed what to wear to the office tomorrow. Yeah... One company finally decided to listen to me instead of look at me and hire me for my intellect.

WE bless God for his mercies.

Catch y'all lerazz

Nossybelle out. x


Anonymous said…
Great Article...Love u girl!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I love you Nosa. I enjoyed every bit of your article so proud of you. To be honest, I see beauty when ever i see at you and am glad you see that too. I look forward to your next post.
nelly agbogu said…
Show us a full picture of you. Amazing post
Nachos said…
Nosa boo I'm fully behind u and hope to get inspiration from u, lol. Good luck baby!

nana said…
Hi senior Nosa!! lol.. your post just inspired me.. how can one gain over 40lbs through uni ? I plan to loose at least half of that before the year ends..WE GOT THIS!!!
nosayaba bello said…
yeah baby girl,we gat this child......lets go!!!!!

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