Hellllooo blogsville.

As I write my first blog there clearly is nothing in my head to put down... I am filled with all sorts of emotions.. Fear being one of the most prominent. 

Should I or should I not... But since you are reading this, I guess I already Have.LOL
I am not gonna bore you with the usual antics about my life because i am sure that as time goes on you will get to know more about me.
I must tell you though, I am the biggest introvert that ever lived, i am extremely shy,but everyone that knows me will argue that to their deaths to be a lie.
Anyways this is my first blog post... Lets toot out horn for the blog Virgin.
One thing I promise you is you are all gonna be very definitely entertained... That I can promise.
Let me get back to work. I ran out of the office because everybody is eating small chops, cake  drinking coke and I am on a diet. But this sun no gree free my neck so I have to go inside and close my eyes. 
Anyways am outta here for now...see y'all lerazzz. Ciao 


Unknown said…
First person to comment yeay!
Dear we shall overcome ignore all those food and concentrate on ur weight loss.
We are doing it,
Unknown said…
nelly is a darlyn iyaiyaooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh
Anonymous said…
Hmmmm...Chubby Devil!!! niceeee


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