Hi Guys, how are you doing?

January has been crazy crazy for me  I have gained lost gained lost gained lost gained lost weight this month.
It's not easy eeeehhhh... I am an emotional eater and when I am stressed I binge a lot...

My diet and exercise regime in January have not also being the most consistent I but am still on it..I struggle but still I rise.

School, well let's not talk about that. plus I went and got a JOB so pleas you can imagine (it's pay day today and I have forgotten every atom of stress am just gonna live man)

People mail me a lot and I don't reply please dnt hate me I will  find time to reply to everyone one of these days maybe not everyone but most people.

It's the end of the first 31 days of the year? There is something I call the new year resolution CURSE! I would make resolutions everyday on my birthday (which is 10 days to the new year ) and then on the 1st Of January consistently every year, which by the 10th of January I would have abandoned  them.

For the first time in my life I have stuck to something and I am very well proud of myself..

Eating healthy and staying active have become a part of my life and daily routine. Once I realise that exercising and eating right where just similar to waking up an saying my morning prayers viola, problem solved. I dint have to like it, but I have to get it done.

Now listen some people are born skinny and they can eat whatever they want, while some of us are not and I have decided to adjust my life to suit the way I was built. Spending the rest of my life wondering why will change nothing.

That been said, January was not my best month yet, but I must say that I am proud that I was able to hold my own and stay in control most of the time.

Who is to say there are days where I don't stumble?  I promised myself at the beginning of the year that  I would not make a resolution this year, but rather promise I wasn't going to give up on me no matter how many times I fail and that's a resolution that has been so easy to keep as compared to me saying formerly how is loose 20kg in a month!! Sigh my old ridiculousness.

Weightloss!!! Sigh the dream is sold differently from the hustle mate. It's hard, I say this all the time it is hard!!! At the end of the day though it's totally worth it.

As we go into this new month, forget what has happened in the last 31 days. You still have what 366-31 days left do the maths... Well over 300 days to make can do it..

I for one am not close to giving up and taking my time one day at a time to build that body that I want. This last 31 days has taught me that what separates a winner from a looser is how many times they get up  when they fall. I am a certified WINNER!!!!!

I can tell you that I fell a lot in January, but that's absolutely behind me. New month new challenge eh?? Yes that's that attitude that I love.

Alrighty guys in order to keep myself motivated this month, I have a pair of jeans which I took a picture in which won't just freaking zip, maybe because my ass is too big or my tummy is doing wonders hallelujah in front I don't even know.

On the 1st of March, I I'll be posting pictures of my before and after I think this blog needs that it's been a long time coming plus those dead jeans were 88 box yeah !!

Keeping this in my head will make me stay focused!! I dnt want to have to post a before and after picture with my zip still unzipped, now that's that shit I don't like.. Looool.

Okeydokey guys I gats to bounce.

Keep on keeping on. I hope I get to come here again sooner than later. Believe me, I try!!!

See y'all soon

Nossybelle out.X


Anonymous said…
Hello Babes, please it is so difficult reading the post. Could you change the font colour to black, as the background is so light. I do enjoy your posts. Keep it u!
Anonymous said…
Please ignore my comment. It must be my phone messing up!

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