Its been a really long time.

Yes. Blogging and going to school ain’t working for the time I am done everyday, I am so exhausted I just fall on my bed and doze off.

I felt that I would be able to drop a post here last week as it was reading week but ALL my instructors gave me assignments it was like it was one for everyday. So I just sat by bent in my books and the week went by just like that.

A lot of people want to know if I am still pursuing the idea of this blog or my weight loss journey? Well the answer is an absolute yes on both fronts. Though I haven’t been very active on the blog, I have kept up with my lifestyle change. It wasn’t a quick fix for me. It was a total life style change so I am actually just existing, at the same time finding ways to stay and live a healthy life.

You all know me and my crazy diet and exercise ideas and trials and errors. Anything health related, count me in. I was having a weight loss stall and after this month, I now totally believe that food does play a huge role in weight loss to be very honest. What you put in your body plays a very huge role in the results you get.


I decided to do my research, I found out about the “paleo diet” and decided to give it a try. The paleo diet is also known as the caveman diet. Paleo means ancient. The diet involved eating like our four fathers. When they had no grains or carbs. You feed on just protein (lean meat, eggs, chicken, turkey) and veggies. (Any and all kinds)and NO SUGAR now there lay the challenge.

I started this diet on the 1st of February well because i felt 28 days would be a breeze, boy was i wrong and the results you see up there are just a 26 days difference inbetween. Same girl same jeans. I still have my folds and wish they would disappear forever, but I think the most important thing about my journey is that I am learning patience. i always pacify myself with the fact that in 6 months ill be HOTTER ehen well because i am already HOT. Lets move on.

Some people say paloe is Hard well it was a breeze for me, I mean I was drinking liquids for 6months (Cambridge diet).So trust me, I can actually basically do ANYTHING.

Going paleo doesn’t mean you can never ever again enjoy the foods you love, Paleo has everything, from breads to cookies, made with their own recipes. Those I haven’t tried yet because the first stage is to go on a 30days stretch without grains or carbs,plus i am a sugar junkie and lets be honest cake is cake. I would finish a whole pan of cake and feel nothing. so i am going to respect myself and stay away from the sweets for now.

For those of us that love rice well. I was able to do without it because I found a healthy alternative CAULIFLOWER. Who knew all the awesome things cauliflower could do sigh?. I just blend my cauliflower into tiny rice like bulbs, if you use a dry food blender like the one we use for crayfish that would do and then I add all the fried rice ingredients. It’s like Christmas in my mouth. You wouldn’t even know you are not eating fried rice it is yum yum yum.

There are so many alternatives the foods you love. My lovely sweet potatoes whre also replaced by parsnip. It was amazing and you would never know the difference. I made ice-cream from strawberries and bananas and apples with ice and almond milk (heaven) to help kill my sweet cravings.

There where days I was almost loosing it, I mean no sugar, my period came in-between and it was hell on sweet tooth made biro ink look appealing, i kept telling myself it will soon be over,well its still not over..looooool.... However I was able to stay strong. yes I cheated here and there with tasting. But in my 26days I never swayed off the wagon ever. At the beginning of the Month I cleared the house of anything non-paleo and that was my saving grace through out. Anytime I opened the fridge, all that was available were fruits, vegetables and my meats of all sorts.

I got a timetable from the internet I just googled sample paleo timetable which I followed for two weeks and from then after, I knew what to eat and what not to. I cooked my meals every Sunday and packed them for the week this also helped keep me in check. Exercise was at least 5 times a week. Its winter and its crazy over here. My dad got us a treadmill so that has been my saving grace this month. I go 3 miles a day and skip about 300-400

These things can be gotten anywhere in the world .NO YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIVE ABROAD TO GO PALEO. What happens in most cases when I post something I have done is that my inbox gets blown up with mails. Questions and questions which truth be told, I love to answer but because I am very pressed for time these days it will be very very very difficult for me to answer all of your questions on this diet. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask. Ask away I will answer as quickly as I can but where I got all my answers where from the Internet.

I don’t categorically know how many kg’s I have lost because when I started I was avoiding the scale, but I know my goal was to fit into my jeans and I have succeeded in doing that so I guess my February goal was met and its not yet even March its still February.LOL!!!!

In March I am joining an online challenge called “fuck being fat” for a chance to win 1000 dollars and also this journey can get boring so I find ways to keep my self-accountable and excited. ill let you know how that goes :D.

Well guys, I am logging off. I abandoned my assignments to write this post and to tell you the truth; I don’t feel bad about it one bit. Man don tire.

Talk to you all later loves,

Nossybelle out.X


Simply bellz said…
wow..great results.. I've always eaten baked sweet potato fries but I'm gonna try parsnips. Same with I can't wait to go grocery shopping. Thanks for the alternative and do keep up the good werk! :)
1 + The One said…
Well done! Wow.. you look great in the pictures! It must take a lot to be consistent having moved locations but I love your resilience and will-power.. God bless you xx
nosayaba bello said…
thank you guys, i appreciate it

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