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How is everybody doing today? I slept for 12 hours last night so I am on some supernatural highness.
I got off work, went to the gym and then went home and slept from 6pm till 6am. I now see why we are all asked to get at Least 8 hours of sleep. I am not groggy or tired, or borderline trying to kill somebody today.

I am experiencing what people who have 8 hours of sleep are experiencing clear mind and sharp focus. I think I would start to practice this sleeping early life.

I was going through instagram and I saw this short clip from ‘Being Mary Jane” where she talked about black women who where FAT, calling themselves THICK. 

This matter of thickness and fatness are borderline issues that can lead to another proclaimed war. A woman’s body (at least 90%) is something that she does not want you making form of in any form or manner.  

unfortunately, we live in a world where we all think for some reason we have the right to comment on someone else’s appearance. Now bear in mind that I do see things that make me say LORD HAVE MERCY, and that as far as it goes. But some people feel the need to voice it out or else they would pass on to the great beyond if they do not voice their opinions. IF YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE PLEASE STOP IT.

I remember people used to laugh at me and make side comments when I first started going to the gym, I could really careless, i had a goal and every other thing along the way where deemed irrelevant by Me. It was my life and i was going to focus just on me and my goals. Not everybody is as strong, people go to the gym and never return because people stir, make side comments and pass judgment.

I used to think it was only fat women who had insecurities, boy was I wrong, and in that, my weight loss journey is one of the most humbling things ever.

Self proclaimed doctors would scream and say, she needs to lose weight; she is too big so she is very unhealthy. I will categorically state that that is extremely wrong and it is the thought process framed from the mind of an uneducated individual. I once used to seat pretty at 380 pounds closing in on 400 pounds and any time I went to the doctor’s office, he would tell me I am one of the healthiest persons he had ever seen.

I am not in any way trying to dampen the fact that being overweight  are more susceptible  to diseases like, heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolisms which ultimately lead to death. I would continue to say though that healthy does not have a particular size.

I got up one day and decided that it was time for me to take charge of my life and do something about the way I felt about myself. With me looking and feeling good was my main top priority and being HEALTHIER was an added bonus, because according to my licensed doctor I was as HEATHY as can be.

What would have happened if I continued to live a wayward life food wise? I would never find out because I decided to up and change my life. I used to have a totally different outlook, if only I could lose this amount of weight and be this size, I would do this and basically be on top of the world. When they say the grass always seems greener on the other side they are right.

I do know of a few women whom the world has tagged obese and therefore believe they should be holed up somewhere far away from the world, never again to smile, breath, live and they dare not even bother to think of EATING ever again, that would be the ultimate SIN. These women and can stand their own and hold their heads up high and strut (figuratively) through this world where everybody is waiting to point a judgemental disapproving finger at you to distract from their own insecurities. I duff my hats to them, they are the real super heroes.

To end my post today, I would say this, HEALTHY IS RELATIVE.  You cannot assume someone is dying because they are overweight I stand on this because I was close to 400 pounds and always had a clean bill of health . Telling people to mind their business would be like pouring water into a basket, YES , ITHINK  it is just that impossible, people would never mind their business so stop wasting your time.

My advice to everyone out there is to do YOU. Love yourself (my mantra). I have lost sooooo much weight, and I still struggle with self love. Losing 200 pounds won’t change the way you feel about yourself. Again, I am speaking from experience.

THICK ON FLEEK, TONED TO THE BONE OR SLIM FOR THE WIN, whichever category you find yourself in........... That’s right love yourself, do what makes you and ONLY YOU HAPPY.

See you next week my loves....... love and light,

Nossybelle out .Xx


Nicey said…
Insecurities is something that affects everyone as in everyone. We are all human and have one point or another dealt with this issue.

I love the fact that you mentioned that the key is in 'Loving oneself'. Truth of the matter is that critics will always be there at one time or another.

It is left for one to know, accept and love themselves to be able to live a happy and fulfilling life.

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