Hey guys,

When initially I thought about writing this post, I was running on this bubble of energy and was feeling feeling myself. As at this very moment I am energy drained and tired .loool

Happy new month by the way. February was such a great month for me I fell right back in love with fitness, not going to lie that there where days when I was like lord lordy lord I just want to go home and sleep after work.

On my drive home there are two lanes, one takes me home where I always and forever  will choose to go and the other to the gym.  The battle begins once I log off  my office desk. I start by telling myself I did really good the day before and I deserve to rest , at the same time I tell myself you have goals you HAVE to meet and sleeping will NOT take u closer to your goals and just before the last traffic light I change lanes  and always find myself in the GYM.

I noticed one thing however, once my card was scanned and I was in that gym, I would get into my zone and just kill It, literally kill it. I was falling back in love with fitness and it felt amazing. Nobody likes to run and be in pain and lift weights and scream or do those demonic crunches, lets not even talk about burpes those are of the devil. I am extremely proud of myself for being able to follow through and get back into the routine of things.

It feels so good to have control , I have fallen off track and I know the struggle. The mornings you wake up with that sugar plastered taste in your mouth from the previous nights sugar binge or from over eating at 11 pm and waking up to walk into the packets of sweets, or plate of food by your bedside and  you do the walk of shame to the bathroom (at least for me that was  the routine) to see what damage you had done.

It just feels so good to be back. Now  if only I could just get rid of that constant urge to get on the scale every single day . I told my sister that for the month of March I wont be weighing myself and she looked at me and said “ it would be easier for you to not eat for 30 days than not get on that scale LMAO. I told you all I was addicted right?

I am going to try, at least that’s me being honest. Ill start by doing 3 days off the scale and the 6 days and like that in increments of 3 till I get to 30 days .. everything in this life is a gradual process. That scale can make or change my mood in the morning and through out the day it is honestly very crazy.

I also took up a challenge with my sisters to run 100 miles this month. ONLY GOD  will see me to that finish line. Hahahaha 100 miles indeed . I love a good challenge though so I know I am going to surpass 100 miles and post the results of the competition in April. If I do get to  100 miles before April I will also post that as well.

Scroll  back to the beginning of this post when I said I was feeling extremely tired? I am feeling even more tired now. One thing I am grateful for is the fact that my period is gone and all those horrible horrible cravings are GONE with it. My only goal in March is to remain consistent. I bought two bathing suits that I MUST wear in July so I am getting  my life together. Lol. I have lost 28 of the 67 pounds I gained am I not amazing? Don’t answer I know I am.

Alright my loves, I gats to go.

Ill see y’all next week. Love and light,

Nossybelle out.Xx


Nicey said…
Wow! You've lost a lot! You definitely are on the right. Why not just remove the scale from the bathroom?

I love what you said about sleeping not helping one achieve their goals - taking that advice for myself too :)

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