Hello people of God. How is everybody doing? My ratchet self is fine and in a really good mood today.

My life has been a roller coaster of events for the last few weeks and i am not complaining. Woke up this morning loving on myself.

Anyway today am going to speak on jealousy.  That feeling of oohh bleeh here she goes again because she has lost some weight she is not going to let us here word? Does that sound familiar? Well am going to be honest. Yes it does sound familiar, it happens to the best of us.

When I was much bigger (many years ago) LMAO. Ignore me.  As I was saying, those people that once donned the pouch and all of a sudden the thing just disappeared and they are like taaadaaaa, now you see me now you don’t  they used to annoy the hell out of my existence and the all of a sudden i was a very bitter hater because i wanted to lose weight too and i just couldn't. 

You see the thing is I realised that that annoyance actually welled up from the fact that I just could mass up the will power to do what it is that they had done to take charge of my lives. It takes a whole lot of discipline to be able to stand before food that you love and not put that shit in your mouth.

I was the “we will start next Monday girl” the one that messes up with 5 slices of bread and butter smeared all over and almost half of the tin of milk poured in my tea at breakfast and I sit and say I have ruined this Monday, so I might as well go and get chicken republic or yamaraita ( i miss naija) and ruin the rest  of the week and start next Monday or the 1st of the Month. You all know i eventually started my weight loss journey on the 22nd of May.

My life back then was a constant struggle between, i want to look good naked and i want to eat a 5 pound burger with a bowl of fries. Lord have mercy. Yeah. not until I started this journey in its self before I realised how hard it was and how i have no business being jealous of someoene else who had put in the work .You can hate from outside of the club, when you can’t even get in. when you have been waiting to exhale and just breath, and have finally being able to literarily and figuratively drop all of the weight off of your shoulder, you can’t help but show the world how happy you are. I agree there are over doers but there should be no limit to how much of your hard work you should be able to show off.

Losing weight has got to be one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life.  If you have ever tried to do something it doesn't even have to be weight loss, like anything, And tried and failed and tried and failed and then you finally succeed? There is this exhilarating feeling like yes I am more than conqueror.

That’s exactly how it is when you lose weight. It is a very hard grueling process... I had recently opened up about how I gained back some of the weight I lost. I went back to that place of no control and that is the worst thing ever when you have somehow managed to come out of that place and you find yourself back exactly where u started, 

This post is basically to tell those that have to feelings at the pit of their stomachs to scream at someone who has worked hard for whatever it is and is now breathing a sigh of relief AKA showing off. Let us let them LIVE.  Before you raise your nose at someone else or smack your lips and roll them eyes, first try to ask yourself this question, has there ever been anything that I truly ever wanted? And worked hard at and finally achieved? How did u feel after? Uhmmmm yes exactly excited.

Jealousy is not a good look on can drive some absolutely insane behavior, Some of us do not even know we are doing it or having this feeling. This person has been deemed bad in your head because you have created this image of them in your head sub consciously. I am not going to lie; I am ‘MRS THAT GIRL/BOY JUST ANNOYS ME” for no justifiable reason. I am learning to try to see the good in people, there are still some douche bags that walk the surface of this earth and guise themselves as human being, but every once in a while you come around and meet people who make you look up and say thank you God for restoring my faith in humanity.

I focus more on these kinds of people and learn as much as I can from them. Perception is reality believe it or Not. I am obviously going to have to hit the nail on the head before I leave here, you all know I like to keep it 100 using myself as examples most times.

Stop being jealous of other people’s successes, all that glitters is not gold. Most of the time what you see is actually not what you get because, a lot of underground, sleepless nights and planning and trials and tribulations went into that person successes.  

You see someone married with kids and you are single, you don’t know how many miscarriages or complications she had before she was blessed with that baby,

You see someone with a better job than you, you don’t know how may rejection emails she got before she landed what is now your dream job,

you see someone else lose 100 pounds and is rocking her crop top, you don’t know how many nights she sat up and cried to God to help her with her will power or the work she put in to get there, your first inclination is to JUDGE ,JUDGE, JUDGE and smack those lips some more STOP IT!

This message goes out to all of us, myself included. Learn how to see the good in people and their situations even the ones that are truly annoying. 

Always remember that when u start to feel some type of way for no just reason, i will advise you to just go on your knees and face your maker and ask him to help you behave yourself.what you feed (jealousy) will grow and turn you into a monster.  

Alright loves as of today i have lost 30 lbs of the 67 lbs i gained what what.. I am really a force to be reckoned with I am so proud of myself. i do not tell myself that enough.

I am out of here loves. Talk to you all later

Love and light,

Nossybelle out..Xx



Nicey said…
Well done to you!

It's funny that you wrote about this. I have actually been reflecting on this for a while now. I was thinking on Cain and Abel and how Cain got jealous that Abel's offering was accepted by God and he was rejected. God said to him that if he did the right thing he would be accepted.

Sometimes we indeed envy people who have paid the price when we have not. I am learning to focus on my track, do the right thing, put in the effort and pray to God for excellent results.

I love the issues you bring up, they are truly relatable and real.
Jossy said…
Very nice post Nosa! Keep up the good work.
blogoratti said…
Great and positive thoughts, thanks for sharing!

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