Been long you saw me !!!

Hi people, as I write this post I am sitting in the bus. It's 7 am in -3 degrees in a Saturday morning Nd I am off to school, work and then the library..

That's how my life has been for the past two weeks.
I sit down to write a post and I realise ooh well yeah there is an assignment I have to produce and when am done an instructor walks in and drops another assignment, it's being a vicious circle of events.

Truth be told, I am enjoying what I am learning to be honest..... It's totally new to me. I studied Electrical Engineering in my first degree and and now I am doing petroleum engineering. I am in an entirely new genre if I may put it that way, but if really is fun.

I have never been stressed by school because I just never got involved, I was too lazy to bother to wake up dress up and walk to class I'd just rather lie on my bed and eat and sleep wake up and eat some more while my mates where going at the books I wouldn't even bother.At the end of the semester id crash read and manage to pass. This time I  decided that I have dealt with half of the problem which used to control me fatness, which in my case lead to laziness...

I promised not to miss any single class even in the worst weather conditions and also decided not to ex communicate myself from the rest of the world and make friends in school which I have done and it's been fun..
Now back to weightloss, I need to say this some of you on my bbm are something else.. I change my status, you dnt even say how are you, are u ok? The first question asked is what do you weigh? Common on???? Many people that have done that I ignore obviously I mean ur not talking to a machine that just drops weightloss tips and scale values I am a human being before a weightloss blogger truth be told. Manner of approach very important take note.

Now back to the matter, I am doing fine in the weightloss department. Surprisingly, yes cos When I change my pattern my eating habits change but I am even doing better than I expected.. I go the gym 4-5 times a week with my very tight schedule... My cloths have All turned baggy and I now have to use my mums belt.

However, the numbers On the scale are moving so slowly and people here still call me fat, it's so freaking frustrating.... The people calling me fat just make me more determined, really it doesn't bother me and I dnt even care to tell them I used to be this size now I am here. I just smile and move on.
Yesterday I went to get a threadmill for the house. It's coming in two weeks I am extraordinarily excited about that. I am deliberating if to cancel my gym membership or not? Maybe I'll leave it. A lot of hotties at the gym to be honest I'll pay 40 box a month to see them every other day.. Hehhe

The journey continues like I said before this next six months are going to be tough, I came in mentally prepared but somedays are easier than some you know.. I'll keep on going, the other alternative Is to give up but I dnt even have that alternative because giving up means going back, an I just can't.

I set monthly goals for each Month at the beginning I the year and I am happy to say that It's just half of the month of January and I have already exceeded my January goal at least that keeps me motivated.

I am not posting any fill pictures because I dnt feel up to it. I have been very body conscious lately.
Ok guys instructor just walked in I gats to go.

Can't promise to write more often, that I'll just make me a liar.. Loool but I'll drop in as much as I can
Talk to y'all soon.
Nossybelle out.x


Ruke Nakpodia said…
Awww Sis u r beyond inspiration ... I just love u. I AM 175 pounds now and all I think of day in day out is going back to my prepregnancy body 145pounds. Sometimes I don't even want to be out just bcos I feel like my body isn't right and I even got a monthly membership at d gym and I have never gone bot even once. But I swear after reading this, I AM gonna change a lot of things. Thanks a lot for being inspiration.
Olubunmi Lawal said…
The Lord is your strength.
Keep moving.
Anonymous said…
proud of you......... Dami Olurotimi-Odu

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