Hey Peeps,

It was like after my last post everybody said we have been waiting for you to come out of your hole.
Some people assumed that I had fallen off the wagon. Some thought I had even abandoned the blog and closed shop.

A lot of assumptions, truth is sometimes I go to the blog and look at it right from the very beginning and whether I like to admit it or not, it has been my most powerful tool yet on this journey.It keeps me accountable and very motivated. I wish I could update everyday but I do not have time on my hands at all. I go to school Mondays - Saturdays and work some hours in between.. I would like to think that I am, but I am no super woman.

Most prominent question that came up yesterday was - How do you manage to stay motivated?
Let me tell you all something, I have been here for two months and it will be impossible to say I haven't had a bad meal in 60 days.
There are days where I just go and indulge and have fun and enjoy myself one bad meal won't  kill you but make sure you do it in Moderation that's very Key. over indulging can however ruin a weeks worth of hard work.
At the beginning of the year I decided I was going to set very small goals for myself..
Every month I want to loose 2-3 kg by the end of each month.
And that puts me at 24-36 kg in December. If we can maintain that loss through out the year, that would be HUGE by December.
I follow a lot of weight loss bloggers and a lot of them preach PATIENCE!!!! That is the one thing I lack! I want to see results as soon as I start. I want to be 10 pounds lighter anytime I get off the treadmill. I know that's not ever going to happen but I make the same wish everyday!!

I have been raging with impatience and complaining about why I can't see changes in my body while my clothes are getting bigger and literarily slipping off of my waist.Every time I wake up To go to the gym and I Am squeezing my face very hard, mainly because sometimes  I have to walk through very low temperatures and high winds but I go in anyways and  I come out feeling like a super woman very happy I went in and smashed my work out.

To be able to carry on in this new lifestyle consistency and patience are the key ingredients.
Set small goals and celebrate them wen you achieve them.
Plan plan plan!!! I cook my food on Sunday nights and put them in the fridge and just slip them in my bag when I leave for school that way I don't get tempted to buy anything on campus I go to the eating area heat up my food, eat and go on my merry good way.

This January I have surpassed the goals I set for January and it feels so good, so good I went out yesterday and blew Half of my pay cheque. Sigh!

The ends justifies the means like i say all the time, with consistency and patience you will begin to see results. Take before and after pictures that helps a lot, when the scale isn't moving, ignore it     Just do your thing and if at first you don't succeed, try try and try again.

See you later my loves

Nossybelle out.x


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