Hey Guys,

I want to first up say thank you to everybody who read my last post and reached out to me. The love was absolutely appreciated. I read everyone of your messages. Every single one and I just want to say thank you.

I am in a much better place now I promise. I was inspired to reach out to someone, anyone, letting them know that they are not alone and i am glad it served its purpose. Like I said the only way from down is up. knowing that my team ( you guys ) want me to win so bad, I got no other choice but to win. Once again thank you so much your support is not taken for granted.

I really did read every single one of your messages and while i connected with everyone of them in one special way or another and was going to write something down when i came across this ladies blog she posted a video "Life; keep space" and i decided to share that instead.

December 2015, its a week to my birthday. Everybody who has ever known me, knows i celebrate my birthday with countdowns from September. Once the "mber" months roll in, I get super hype but not this time. I had decided, that i wanted to be miserable and there was nothing to celebrate. So when my friend asked me a week to the day what i was doing to celebrate, i said nothing. She wasn't going to let nothing happen and well like i said i wanted to be miserable.

Birthday came, and my friend sent me a message that morning to wish me a happy birthday and ask me again what the plan was, so just to get her off my back, i told her we would go see a movie that at 9.50 pm. Yeah right. Its Canada, its the dead of winter averaging -15 in temperature and she was going to be done from work at 8.30pm. we were definetly NOT going anywhere or so i thought.

I banked on all the forces of nature to come into effect and put an end to this date for me. Like i said i wanted to be miserable so i had put my self in the literal box labeled it misery and i didn't even want company. My friend sent me a message me every hour till it was time for that movie, slowly but surely as those messages kept coming in, i slowly came out of my box, got dressed and went out and had the time of my life. I am so thankful that she kept pushing and didn't give up on me because that was the night i got my joy back.I had cried so much i forgot what it was like to have joy, to be thankful, grateful and blessed.

I am in such a good place now in my life and i know its going to stay that way by the grace of God, but this video reminded me that on those rare bad days, that joy truly truly does come in the morning.

It was such a beautiful video with an even more beautiful message and i felt like it. portrayed everything i would have loved to write down. 

Take a few moments out of your day to watch this video today to the VERY end and i promise you, you will be inspired.

I will be uploading another post later today, where i give an update on my weight-loss for week 1

Find the link to the video below.

Have a beautiful week guys, 

Talk soon

Nossybelle out.Xx 


Anonymous said…
Good friends are such treasures!

In daily life, it is always worth taking a moment and focusing on what truly matters.
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