It is 1.38 am. I am lying in bed watching this show called casual. Not the best show to be honest, so don't even bother wasting your time with it. Although it inspired this post I'll give it 1 star for that.

So, this scene comes on about this guy who created a dating website. He gets interviewed by this somewhat plus size journalist who he ends up sleeping with.
Fast forward to the morning after and this guy tells the lady, and I quote,  "I have never slept with someone who I am NOT attracted to, but because of their character. Thank you". LMAO

She goes on to write an exposé, trashing this guys dating site which in turn sets him up for financial ruin. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, really.

As someone who decided to try the online dating thing, I Would say it was an eye opening experience. I may or may not blog about my experience here.we 'll see. Lool.

So, back to my blog post. When it comes to dating, is honesty really the best policy? My answer is a big FAT yes. You start with a lie,  then you spiral into a web of other lies. Before you know it, the whole situation becomes messy. A liar has no memory; always remember that.

Let's look at it this way... Would that lady have rather had the guy string her along for however long, telling her what she wanted to hear? Or would she have wanted the truth which was "I am just NOT that into you"? I would definitely go for the latter. There is nothing worse than time wasted.

I notice that in the western world, guys are more straight up about the truth. They tell you upfront that they are dating you and well, maybe 5 other people. Or that they just want to have fun and if you are cool with that, then you go in knowing the low down.

I used to find that (the truth) very absurd, but I actually do appreciate honesty now, seeing as I have tasted from both ends of the pond. It does save both parties a lot of problems in the long run.

Let me tell u a little story. This girl met this guy. He wined her dined her, treated her like a queen. Now baby girl started to catch feelings. She summoned the courage to ask baby boy where the relationship was headed & baby boy informs her that he is seeing some other people on the side.

Baby girl could not believe her ears. Baby boy basically told her, I like you and I would love to see where this goes with u AND also baby girl 2-5, and then decide who is worthy of the ultimate baby girl crown. Wow! The choice was for her to get with the program or leave .

When baby girl told me this story I was like, well, at least he is honest . I usually hear stories about guys telling u he is afraid of water and then one day u find him surfing in the middle of the ocean.
Finally, baby girl 1 decided she was not ready to compete with 4 other contestants   and she moved on from baby boy.

I often wonder if baby boy has replaced baby girl 1 with another baby girl and if maybe he will accept me into his kingdom. Things I think about when I can't sleep at night. I kid, I kid.

All this is to say... when it comes down to it, I will take the truth any day over a bunch of meaningless lies in dating and any other situation in life. Truth hurts, but for a while. On the other hand, lies..... Let's not even get me started with that.

People think commitment is scary. What actually is, is wasting years of your life you can never get back.

Happy new year guys,i hope the new year brings us all of our hearts desires.

Talk soon

Nossybelle out. Xx


Lola Flash said…
Love it!!! And you're spot on.Nobody wants their time to get wasted. Loving the posts Nosa darling and Happy new year
Ibhade Odigie said…
100% I'll always take the truth over a bunch of sweet empty lies. I always say rejection now is better than regret later. Kisses
Anonymous said…
prayer is the key to survive the opposite sex

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