Hello guys,

How was the weekend?

Mine was nice starting from Friday night when i went to hang out with my friends and eat yum yum.

Judge me if you may. The food was fantastic.

Last week i told you guys i was going of the Cambridge diet right. Well yes i did for a week.

I created a time table for myself and exercised twice a day through out last week. Not once did i slip up. It was hard, but i pushed myself. At first it was all fun and games and more of pain. Then i went and got on the scale.

BOOM BOOM POW and it all came crashing down. At first i felt that my body was trying to adjust to the new pattern of my eating so it was grabbing unto everything i threw into it. So i waited, if we can refer to 3days as a wait period.

Day 3 i had amassed a total of 3.5 kg and it didn’t look like the scale was going to stop going up. Fast forward Friday morning, i had amassed a total of 8kg in one week seeing as i started my diet on a Saturday.

I was morbidly frightened. 8kg is new dresses size in itself. My body to tell the truth was telling an entirely different story. My clothes were getting bigger and my waist line smaller yet the scale was going on its own upward journey. It was Horrible.

I was working really hard, exercising like crazy so i was expecting to see results. If i didn’t even lose let me not add nah abi. No way, my body had a different agenda off its own whatever that was i was out to find out immediately.

I went to see my consultant Cambridge that is. I had initially vowed that nothing in this life was taking me back on Cambridge sole source ever ever (see me being proud the thing that saved my life). I wasn't ready to go onto sole source again. I wonder all the time now how i didn’t eat for six months.WOW!!!!

I don’t know the magic that was done, but i left that office with a week’s supply of Cambridge. Basically my body is not one of those types that is ready to be forced back into transitioning i guess it will like to take its very sweet time and go back from liquids back to solid food. To be very honest i think i need to still be under strict and close monitoring so its good that my body is refusing to accept any and everything.

What other explanation can i give for adding 8kg on the scale and dropping a pant size??? I dint even want to dwell on it. I woke up this morning and got on the scale. i had dropped 6Kg since i started on Saturday and today is only Thursday.

I guess my consultant was right. i have to trust the process and follow it through and through Nosayaba Bello is different from the rest.. Cambridge diet has a process, and i guess i have to go from stage 1 - 4 in my own case. That didn’t happen for a lot of people i know. Once they went of and went on a proper diet they maintained their weight for those who wanted and those who wanted to further lose, did with a control diet and exercise.

My plan is to go from SS this week into SSP next week and stay on that for another 6-8 weeks.

Cambridge Nigeria is giving me a month’s supply free of products as my going away present which is absolutely amazing. So i think they deserve a big round of applause for that, they have no idea how amazed i am. I am so grateful to Eniola Karimu. God bless you so much.

Something has weighed on my mind since the weekend i have been burdened by a particular fear, what would happen when i have to go back to normal life.

I find myself reminiscing these days of my past life and all the rubbish i used to inject into my body very consciously.

I lived a life of insecurity (This is the first time i am ever saying that aloud and it feels good), i couldn’t understand why anyone wanted to have anything to do with me. Those who knew me would say ooh i was so tough; i was supposed to be a man...blahhblahhblahh....

What they didn’t realise was that i was a total softy just like my favourite olden burger salted butter. I put out a tough exterior to mask my insecurity. Then when i would have fights with people, i would say the meanest things and hurdle all sorts of insults their way, it was my own way of protecting me.

Now, i know better. i see life from a totally different perspective now.

A lot of times these days when i sit down and think about the move, i am a bit frightened to be honest. Canada is a whole new world entirely. In fact i am going to be on another continent entirely. Plus it’s all too familiar territory. YES England. It was where most of the harm was done. Let us blame it on England, like she cradled me on her laps and opened my mouth and forced food right down my throat. (Side eye to me England)

Most of all, i am worried because my anchor is here. When i am in doubt, slipping, sliding or just basically skidding totally off track i can pick up my phone and dial 1 of 10 numbers and i am reminded why i started this journey in the first place.

Knowing that i can easily reach out to people is so comforting. I wish i could see the future. I want to know that i can walk by McDonalds or burger king and have the wheel power to look the other way, walk into star bucks and not request that they fill my coffee with EXTRA EXTRA whip cream, go totally ballistic when i am reunited with my bagels,walk into superstore and sit smack right in front of the candy rack and weep for joy that i have finally found my happy place, sugarsville.

My fears are real. I hope and pray more than anything that i am able to control myself ...The first thing most people tell me when they hear i am moving is.”Hey Nosa, don’t go and blow up again" and i say don’t worry i won’t. Off course that is not the intended plan.

I hope and pray to God that he guides me every step of the way. I plan on getting back into it as soon as i land. I am not planning on taking any breaks. Luckily for me there is a sports centre right in front of my house, the odds are already in my favour, plus my school sports centre is free for students so like i have no excuse whatsoever to slack off.

One thing i know for sure is i ain’t quitting, this is where the real work begins. We are more than half way there, and i am definitely going to see this through to the very end.

Might i add that most of you send me messages telling me how much i inspire them, you guys have absolutely no idea how much you inspire me to be better. It’s no longer just my journey it’s OUR journey so thank you all so much.

I have to run along now. It’s a Friday, believe it or not i started this post on Monday and i have just gotten around to finishing it..That’s the life i lead and i am going to miss it terribly.

See you later lovies.

Nossybelle out.X



Ada Keks said…
thou shall not leave d cambridge until its done properly..all the same u rock sugar....m happy for you....hoping to see u sometime...#love
Anonymous said…
Why don't you reply ur readers questions? I drop some questions on a post and u didn't reply. That's a bad way of encouraging ur readers ooo
Anonymous said…
love love love this blog...
quick question- when u say u droped 6kg from sat - thurs. was that you being back on the cambridge diet of jst smoothie?
Anonymous said…
Go girl, you have even tried. Even if you decide to indulge yourself, you have d magic wand to tune it down once again . Wish you luck
nosayaba bello said…
I am so sorry i try as much as possible to reply every comment directed at me,please send me an email at nossybelle@yahoo.com so we can discuss privately.....
Anonymous said…
It will end in praise, nosa pls can u help a sister? Pls I need sumtinz from u pls, I can't get ur number buh diz is mine 07032253118 tanx
Anonymous said…
Only God knows how many times I've checkd Nosas blog in d past few days. *sobs* .we always wanna hear from u. I hope u r fine and in great health tho.pls we wud love to hear from u,don't abandon us.May God kip kipin u for us ...from ur blog addict
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