Hello guys,
What’s going on? How was the weekend?

Mine was amazing. i decided after my Saturday morning run that i was going to make a timetable - food and exercise included and make sure i stick with it throughout November

It has not being easy. I do the Shaunt insanity DVD in the morning, and i run for 30 mins in the evening. Off course my body is crying out for help lool, but doesn’t it always... I am giving it a week for all the whining and am sure it will get with the program eventually because i will not give into my body it is mine and i would do with it whatever i please.

I also had a moment of reflection as i lay on my bed fixing up my time table.

When i started out on my journey, it was all about God and me. I would pray away every temptation, sing and dance praises from every smell of food in sight. It worked the entire time. I mean how would i have gotten here?

Over the past couple of weeks i have gotten so overly confident that i have partially neglected the one who saw me through. Nosa is now a superstar, she can ee her Vajayjay and her hips no longer exhaust the tailors tape rule and most of all men are flocking around her. In my mind i am now Naomi Campbell and i have forgotten the days of bending over to get to be able to lift my belly to get to the pumpum and taking 20 mins breaks in-between every five steps. I have basically forgotten my days of humble beginnings.

I stood naked in front of the mirror in my bathroom and smiled, closed my eyes for a moment just taking it all in. I am not where i want to be but i am a very long way from where i used to be trust me.

Some day when i am BOLD enough ill post before and after pictures of my midsection. Most of you will begin to believe in Miracles when that day comes.

I know for a fact that i used to avoid that very mirror. I would pass by it every other with my face turned to the other side i didn’t want to see, what everyone else was seeing. Now i spend extra time standing in front of that very mirror, brushing my teeth endlessly and smiling taking it in just looking, amazed by my transformation.

God has being very faithful to me and i hope i never forget that. I was a food addict, food to me was what cocaine was to drug addicts. I would eat any and everything in sight.

Sometimes that was done to mask whatever i was through at that particular point in time. I would buy food in public and eat it in private. I knew i was harming myself, but i couldn’t stop. If i had an urge, i must fulfil it even if it meant me driving through three hours traffic to Ikeja for that particular slice of cake. All i wanted to do was Eat.

Every day was a struggle, it still is, but this time around i have learnt how and why i need to make better choices.

This journey is far from over. This is where my real struggle begins; injecting myself back into what everyone else calls normal life.

Preparing my meal plan on Saturday this popular saying came to mind. "If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail" it took me most of the day to log all the ingredients i was going to use on my fitness pal to enable me count my calories. It also took all the will power in the world for me to get all those ingredients from the supermarket to cook.

The devil kept telling me that i was tired. You know what i did? I got up and still cooked and parked my meals for the week. One thing i have learnt on this journey is that i am an over comer and anything i set my mind to do, i do solely and wholly. I hear those voices telling me to do one thing i do the exact opposite.

I am staying between the 850 -900 calorie mark being on it for 2 days now so let’s see what the scale says by the end of the week. I am excited to see the results by the end of the month. From here on out, ill just keep on tweaking it till i make it.

Aside from weight loss, after my last post "The big move" i got a lot of emails and pings even text messages..... I AM TOUCHED........ I never even knew how many lives i have affected and the fact that it is in a positive way makes it even more amazing.

To all my friends, i love you all. I wish there was something i could do to make you feel less sad. I am sad too this decision was not made overnight trust me. I don’t talk much about my family and personal life on here, but 95 percent of my Family is Canada based so i am actually sort of going home.

Someone said that just knowing i am a phone call away makes her journey easier, another said that she felt like stopping all together and the worst was when someone called me up and started crying oh God. I wish i could take you all along with me. Every single one of you have been instrumental in this journey and are still going to be because i am going NO WHERE. I am just moving continents.

We are in this together; I am here and will always be here for you. The only thing changing is my location and my phone number.

Like i said before, let’s try and save all the mushiness for pre-departure...i am going to wail buckets.

Alrigthy loves, today is day 3 of my experiment, i am nursing serious body aches but actually looking forward to my evening run.

P.S: Lunch was amazing i had chicken breasts with green and red bell pepper and onion stir fry .yumyum in my tumtum..

Talk to y’all soon.

Nossybelle Out.X



Ada Keks said…
nossy u are really a motivation.please i sent you a mail do reply me...thanks and keep it up you are there already...

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