Morning guys,


My life is a testimony.

I sat yesterday reminiscing with some friends about how far i have come..

My journey has not being an easy one. Sometimes, i think people think me to be like a weight loss super hero considering the method i used to get from where i was to this place

The truth is being overweight is hard. Like you are living in your own world. You are constantly mocked, judged, abused. Everybody just sees you as this individual who has absolutely no control.

I didn’t have control, they were right. All i wanted to do was eat. At any instance i would turn to food.

May 21st was a random day, although normally i would have to wait for the 1st of the Month and then it would have to be a Monday or the next Monday and by the 15th of the Month, it ill have to be the 1st of the next month basically i was an excuse manufacturer.

I had gotten to breaking point. I knew i had reached that point where something had to be done and i had to do it myself. Nobody was going to take that step for me except i did. Decide, commit, begin this is my slogan and trust me these are three things you need and every other thing ill fall right in place.

Today makes it exactly 6 months i started my journey. I cannot even believe how far i have come in such a short period of time. One thing i have learnt on this journey is that if you want something you have to get up and fight for it.

I was a daydreamer, looking at before and after pictures of people on a daily basis wishing and hoping that by some miracle it would somehow become my story.

I am no super hero, either the millions of people who have gone through or are still going through this stage of our lives. You too can do it. The best part for me is being able to            motivate someone else. There are so many lives i have changed and touched. Never in a million years would i have thought that anyone will look up to me for health and life style advice.

I am no expert in the health and fitness world but one thing i know i have expertise in is starting over. Every time i fell down, slipped up, went totally off track, i got back up and started again. The difference between failure and success is the ability to try again.

I have gone through numerous weight loss channels, all sorts; let’s not even begin to name them we will go on forever. This time around, i knew in my spirit that this was going to be the last journey i embarked on, i made a decision to change my life and my mindset in total.

My “thousandth second chance”, i really didn't listen to those voices in my head or the voices in the world. In the beginning everybody doubted i would last a week. It is easy to give up when everybody is standing behind you waiting for you to fail. Then again i had failed a thousand times. It was left to me to prove them wrong and i totally did.

After all is said and done at the end of the day, after you have gotten and read all the motivational quotes blogs, and speeches and the "you go girls" from cheerleaders when u have failed miserably and told yourself once again, ''i can do this" what’s left is your decision to fight for it. Breaking all boundaries and going the extra mile only you can set yourself free. You and you alone can give yourself that second chance. No one but you has the power to start over. Your life your choices right?

It’s being six months for me people; i can tell you categorically, that all the blood sweat and tears has being totally worth it. I can barely remember all the pain and struggle i went through to get here. I look forward to the next phase of my journey and i know it’s going to be awesome.

Happy 6 months weightyversary to us.LOL.

Have a nice day people...

Nossybelle out.x



Anonymous said…
Wow. Congrats dear. Since u r showing us d b4 and after pics, u should hav completed it with the digits now. What were u weighting b4 and ur weight now?
Anonymous said…
Wow. The difference in the pic is amazing. Well done!However, that black dress is beautiful! What size is that? u shld slim fit it now or get a smaller size. U've done amazing and u r beautiful? Don't forget that.
1 + The One said…
Congratulations! Well done chic... xx
Anonymous said…
Nosa dear, tel u d truth I now feel rili reluctant to comment on here thes days since u don't bother to respond to direct questions or comments or keep in touch. nyway hope ure preparing well for d big move? may God be with u, Love alwaiz + u look fab
Frances Okoro said…
Wow! Congrats!
Keep going,somedays might not be good,but even if we lose d battle,we'll win the war.
You'll suceed at this,the dress size will continue to drop.
Cheers to the banging body!

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