Let me start this post by talking about how much i hate October. In my opinion ,October is a wananbe  month trying so hard, having 5 weeks and shit.

October October, why you gonna try too hard huh? you want to belong ? i advice u get four weeks in and stop frustrating everybody...Bye October, i ain't even giving you any air time. END

Anyways, so back to the matter, my people na so this evening as i enter house i look table remember say my mama make Banana bread the night before. The thing smelt all over the house  that night i just kept drinking water till i slept of angry. That woman cannot leave the kitchen EVER She is there experimenting from morning till night.

My gym is under going renovation so i am  sort of in a dilemma, i need to find a new gym as soon as possible. The way i escape my mother and all her food is to stay out of the house for as long as possible. My routine is usually work and the close and off to the gym by the time i get home all form of temptation has being kept away in the fridge and i just walk in go bath and sleep.

Unfortunately for me now that i am in the process of finding a new gym, i come home  early enough and trust mother, something must be cooking. I don tire for that woman.

Today the battle was with Banana bread. This one of her recipes that i LOVE. Shebi i go tell my family not to chop because i dey do cambridge?  After going to bed with the greatest hunger pangs ever existed, waking back from the office today i was just dreaming of that Banana bread..

I didn't care ooh, i was going to chop the thing. Like i always say i am not the fattest girl in Lagos.

I decided to go up have my bath, and come make coffee with full cream milk and down half of that bread. I came up dropped my bag and went straight to the bathroom. I came back to the room and started looking for my pj's  EVERYWHERE i opened one of my drawers and i saw an old dress.

How i loved this dress my God!!!!! i was never able to wear it because it was a size 26 and too small just imagine. The first week i started the cambridge diet, i hung this dress and said when i got into it i had arrived, laughssssss... look how far i have come.

I can not even wear this dress to go down the stairs and get water, because i will be naked by the time i get down, it is that HUGE!!!

I went through my phone and found an old picture of the dress and i wore it and took pictures and placed the pictures side by side, the hunger for banana bread vanished IMMEDIATELY in fact hunger in itself vanished totally.

21 weeks on sole source , 3 more weeks to go till i move onto the next stage. This last 3 weeks is seeming like forever, lets blame lame October. i  know the God that brought me this far will see me through. This month has not being easy AT ALL. It is a constant battle from the moment i wake up till when i go back to bed at night but I am a survivor. I am fighting and taking it one day at a time.

These days, what keeps me going is remembering why i started this journey in the first place and how far i have come. I know one thing for sure seeing pictures like these keeps me grounded, keeps me focused, keeps me reminded.

I am not where i want to be, but i sure am very far away from where i used to be.

My friend introduced me to this weight loss group for cambridge dieters on face book its called platinum players, you all need to check them out and watch amazing amazing transformations. Those guys have shown me that with determination, discipline and persistence, anything can be achieved.

Blees you guys.

Goodnight me loves.

Nossybelle out.X


Anonymous said…
Nice one. Keep it up
Anonymous said…
How can 1 join this group on facebook pls? There are a lot of 'platinum players' on facebook.
nosayaba bello said…
give me your name ill invite you to the group .its called platinum players group
Anonymous said…
Wow! 21weeks on sole source? babe u r mouthed. But those cambridge meals taste awful xcept the shakes. Do u get 2 select ur preferred meal or u take whatever ur consultant gives u? I need to go back on track, see motivation. By the way, tnx 4 trying 2 update ur blog early oo, lol.
Raw-Mama said…
You are doing great and all your hard work is paying off. Keep going RM
Paula said…
Haba! Don't be hating on October nau! I'm an October baby and it's the best month in the year :)

Keep it up dear; you're doing an amazing job. God Bless.

Anonymous said…
Because of you I google cambridge diet 2 know more about it. Please how much is it and like someone asked earlier, will I be allow to pick my flavours or food type? Please am waiting for your reply, tnkz
Frances Okoro said…
Amazing amazing transformation! Pls keep on,hold on,u'll get to d end in victory!

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