My loves,
I miss you guys soooooooo much.

how is everyone doing? I will continue to aplolgise for abandoning you guys and you will off course have to continue to forgive me.

I know how annoying it can be to visit this blog and get no new gist. so sorry boo's i really want to change.

Anyways my life has pretty much being the same since the last time i came here. i dint know what i weigh, and that feeling is very very exciting to be very very honest, i feel free, that scale was like living in bondage.

I get on it at every God given opportunity, like i was obsessed with it. So its nice to know that i can cope without it.

This particular post today is inspired by all the yamayama things and people in this world, plus in the last week i have come in contact with a lot of physicians, advicers, amebo's yes people taht just cant m ind their ownn damn business!!!!

I want to use this medium to tell them "adviser nowarmagbe, physician heal thyself"  mind your business .......Thank you for your unsolicited advice.

I spoke with a friend yesterday and i was telling her some of my recent experiences, from someone calling me to tell me i needed to work on my weight, or another one telling me that they heard i have lost weight and cant see the weight loss maybe until when it becomes considerable. i said ok and went on my merry way.

The truth is i am a ticking time bomb naturally, i can be very creative when it comes to abusing people,VERY creative i must say. I noticed recently that i can no longer reign innovative curses on people.

Talking with my friend she said " out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh" i began to absolutely understood what had happened to me.

My Obesity used to be a very touchy subject for me back when i felt that there was really nothing i could do about it. If u even as much a joked about it , i will tell you your life history and probably how and when you where concieved. The insults i will reign upon your life in fact, as i think about it i quiver.

It was my own way of coping, runing away from the truth.instead of dealing with my situation, i would deal with you. personally that worked for me.It was a relief to make people feel as little as dey had made me feel.

So last week when all these things where happening i found myself smiling and paying little or no attention to what was coming out of their mouths, i couldn't find anything hurtful or wicked to say.

The Abundance of my heart is filled with love,joy happiness,tenderness even forgiveness and mercy which i could careless to give before. So these days, when someone says something illiterate and condescending  i let it go for the mere fact that i know that they lack Knowledge, intelligence and the principal thing which is wisdom.

Say what you may about me, it takes a whole lot to lose 40kg and never ever on this earth and in this life time am i going to let anybody steal my joy,ever,ever,ever. So to all my maysayers, i told you all before and i am saying it again i aint even close to failing, you guys keep me on my toes.

When i look at that bar of chocolate, or that piece of chicken or that beautiful plate of rice, it is your voices i hear and your faces i see so thank you very much. I GATS APPRECIATE UNA.

I learnt something on my own as a way to cope with irrelevants, next time someone walks up to you and says something that sounds like what only someone who has absolutely no control whatsoever over their thought process, smile (i know its hard trust me i know) and tell them as you walk away tell them and make sure you are heard " THAT'S IN YOUR OPINION"..

Kiss kiss lovies.


Nossybelle out. X


nelly agbogu said…
Babes ignore them your journey has ended in praise!
Anonymous said…
Lol@adviser nowamagbe. Nosa oooo. Edo pikin no dey carry last, i understnd u perfectly, i also can be very touchy wen it cmes to pple yabbin me unncesarily, infact i ll insult d persn s ancestry. Kudos girl it ll end in praise
nosayaba bello said…
Off course!! All I do is win win win nomater WHAT!!!!!!
nosayaba bello said…
It has ended in praise kpatakpata
Banke said…
Your blog is amazing and inspiring!
I'm currently also on a diet (not Cambridge tho) and I've lost 5kg in three and a half weeks.
I read all your posts in one day. Welldone
Paula said…
Absolutely loved this post. Beauty is truly from within and there is nothing more admirable than a woman with a sweet spirit. It's great that you're working on your inside as well as out. God will certainly be with you all the way! Started reading your blog not too long and I really wish you the very best.
Frances Okoro said…
Yes o,its their opinion and saying thanks to them is very much in order.they spur me on to achieve success.after talking,all they need do is sit down and watch me succedd.shikena.
I love ur blog,stumbled into it b4,lost d name and had 2go to google 2find it.keep doing wat u r doing,we can do ALL things...
Zi said…
Banke which diet r u on?
Banke said…
Fruits, veggies and protein

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