Hello People,
I had the time of my life yesterday. I couldn't wait to come tell you all about it.

It was the Cambridge weight plan awards and gala night and i must say that cambridge outdid themselves.

My consultant had told me about the event about six weeks into my journey saying at the time that if i kept up, i would probably be asked to climb the stage and give a speech but i just thought to myself, as fat as i was  i would never go for that event i dint want people staring at me so i was definitely going to stay clear.

As my journey unfolded i started to realise that indeed i had a voice. I had decided to pick up a batton and run from fat in my life and i have done a pretty amazing Job so far.

I am a naturally shy human being (No one believes me though) so when i heard i was going to speak at the event i had sleepless nights continuously up until yesterday. I kept on thinking to myself, what am I going to say? will people want to listen to my crappy story? wont they judge me and wonder why i had ballooned out of control?

People have this belief that when you are obese it is because you have absolutely no control over your life. well i agree with them, because food was my hiding place.That was the only place i used to drown all of my inadequacies,hurts,sadness, you name it. I had built a safe haven there and until i decided that i wanted out, i was indeed trapped, i was MENTALLY ENSLAVED.

Like i always do, i prayed. I asked God to guide my thoughts to say the right thing to inspire others when i got on stage.

At first i was all shaky and scared, my voice was trembling, but i kept on going and it began to flow. i could see me setting my self free. I noticed i had the attention of the whole hall and i was even able to crack people up. I cant explain how good i felt when i was done, getting off that stage i felt so light in my spirit.

Six months ago if you had ask me to sit in front of any hall i wont even agree not to talk-less of climbing the stage to give a speech to hundreds of people.

I have always known i had a voice, but now it is apparent that i can use it. People not only saw me talk, they also listened. Who knew that my greatest weakness would be what would bring me outfrom obscurity and thus me into the lime light.
Alot of people came up to me after my speech to congratulate me and say well done that was some of the highlight of my night.

Walking back to my seat, i held my head up high with a huge huge smile plastered across my face. I would normally have tried to go back to my seat through the side pews hiding my weight behind dark lighting then again, i would never have being on that stage ever.

I strutted across the middle and i could tell that people were not looking at me in disgust, but in admiration. I had done it, freed my self from mental slavery. OCT 26th 2013 is a day i wold never forget in a hurry, it is indeed the day i found my voice.

Impossible is nothing people as far as you set your mind to it, you can do it. i am living proof.

Got to run off to church me loves,

see y'all later,

Love and light,

Nossybelle out. x


Anonymous said…
Awww!God bless you hun...fat is a terrible disease,,I hv decided to follow your path !!u so inspire me..
Nkem said…
Yeah! You really spoke well Nosa, I was at the event too. I have decided to go on the plan come 1st November. I currently weigh 110kg and my goal is 65kg!! After seeing and reading from someone like you, I know I will and can make it. God is on our side. Cheers!
Anonymous said…
So you will love and not hate October - "You month of Emancipation"

Your Oga at the Top
Raw-Mama said…
Just though I would drop by – you look amazing. RM

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