My darlyns,

So i found myself  battling with illness this past weekend.

I have definately taken a back burner on my fitness journey on that account. No i have not gained weight, God Forbid..LOOL but i am just at a stand still point not loosing weight which is fine.

I have this picture of me when i started my weightloss journey, wearing just panties and my bra showing all of my body in its disgusting entirity LOL. Pardon me for abusing my body, it was a trap that i was in, that i am gradualy freeing myself from.

I stood in front of the mirror this morning and looked at my self and i was really impressed. I am no where near where i want to be but omG coming from where i was. wowwwwwwww...

I can barely find alll my back rolls and i can see a clear distinction between my bum and my back.hahaha. i am definetely going to post the pictures for you to see the change is absolutely magnificent and visibly obvious?????
In my old picture i looked exactly like an amoeba..  shapless and wobbly...we thank God for progress. 38.5kg down from where i came from.looking back i think i deserve an award looooool .

I havnt exercised in two weeks for one reason or the other, but i am definetely going back today, i am even scared becasuse 2weeks is enough time to unfit myself if that word even exists..

Tommorow is independence day and to celebrate, i am going to go on my merry way, walking to Jakande again this time with my friend i WILL force myself to get up at 6 and get on my merry jolly way i will do the same thing again on Saturday morning  (My mother wont like this but hey mama. *waves*)

I sent a message to my consultant this morning snd told her that i wont be coming in to weigh myself until the 26th of October. You see November 2nd is going to be the End of week 24 on Cambridge for me and so i am going on a personall chalange my plan is to loose 12kg this Month, i dont know how i am going to do it but hey, this gyal loves a good old challange.

So i Know at what weight i started as at this morning the 30th of September on the 31st of  October i will reveal to you guys how many killos i have lost. This time around, i am not going to be peeking or checking on anybody"s scale. for 31 days, i will not know what i weight on the 30th which i think coincidentally happens to be a Friday.

I will not be getting on my consultants scale either. I dont know how that is going to work out but its my top secret project for October.

I want to move from SOLE SOURCE into SOLE SOURCE PLUS WITH A BIG BAD BANG i am such a drama queen.. Well i thrive on Drama. LOL...

I also want to carry out a photoshoot showing my progress so far, i dont even know how i am going to depict it, but i will try my very best.

One last thing before i log out. My mother and her sisters are ardent readers of this blog, so i know i can send a message across to her through this platform.

On saturday night i walked into her room and my mama goes

"Nosa you need to go out and meet people. you have a routine, work, gym, home, or work gym church" go out meet people you cant continue staying hurled up on your bed every weekend.

Lool. you see, since my sister got married and left the house, and the other sister went back to Canada , its just me, mama and papa bear.

I spoke to some of my friends and said "hey see my mama don they drive me to go find husband", Some said abeg dont worry, Gods time is the best, some said your mother is right leave the house and go out you won't meet people on your bed.LOOL

The truth is maybe my mum just felt sorry for me and feels like i am lonely and should go out more to have company or she just plain and simply means i should go and MARRY i dont know whatever the case maybe i think its sweet of her to even notice me.

So this is for MUMMY. If the former is the case, i am not lonely i spend most of my time on the phone gisting with u dont need to know who and i find ways to keep myself busy but i promise you i am fine and i will bless you with grandkids very very soon. kiss kiss (She is going to kill me)

Ok Guys am offf.

Just a little shout out to all my cambridge babies, Mama is so proud of you, your sucess is my sucess story so please keep on pushing and figthing the end really does justify the means. I am a living testimont to that effect.

Bye my loves,

See you tommorow, with loads and loads of pictures  (I hope) kiss kiss

Nossybelle Out.X


Anonymous said…
Am extremely proud of U Booboo. Keep pressing ON. you are such an Inspiration. Xxx.
#UrDesperateWannaBePublicist. Iyalayo. Looll
Anonymous said…
Ur a real gogetter
Anonymous said…
My Nossyboo is a haaaawtiiieeee! "Toot-too"
Anonymous said…
Awww..Noskiiiiiiiiiii, Congrats dear
Anonymous said…
Hmmm..Nosa you are looking Hawt oh...Someone is in trouble....
Anonymous said…
Nosa, I just wish u drop in here more cz I look 4ward 2 alwaz reading ur blog but it has becum boring nowadays. Also I went ahead 2 start d Cambridge diet but ve not been able 2 pass day 3, I have tried it 3times, yet its nt working 4 me. I feel so frustrated and sad. May God help me, amen
Paula said…
Very well done. Rooting for you big time. God Bless you and I know you are already an inspiration to many others as well.
nosayaba bello said…
my darlyn i am sorry i dnt come here as often as you want, send me an email with your bb pin or number so we discus how we are going to carry on with the diet. lol. i think of you guys anytime i am not here hope tha makes you feel better. kiss kiss hit me up so we talk. x
nosayaba bello said…
Thank you so much paula.
Anonymous said…
Reading dis has made me have a re think about my journey... With tears curled up in my eyes. Tears of joy for ur journey Nosa... I wish I had d will power to accomplish a quarter of what u av accomplished. This journey is not an easy one @ all. And girl I must say thumbs up to u... Ur an inspiration. Luv u so much. This write up has pushed me to strive and accomplish more for myself. God bless u real gud girl for impacting in peoples' lives. #kisses.

Frances Okoro said…
You have indeed come a long way! Wow!

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