My people,
A lot of things are going on in my life. Right now and to be honest,  i am not the very open expressive type when it comes to private stuffs i just bury myself under my problems and let it eat at me or rather in the days of old i would eat them away. Thank God i have found a way to handle stress my exercising instead of eating
I made the decision to relocate to Canada with my family, so come Nov 30 2013 I'll be out of Nigeria!
Am leaving on a jet plane, i dnt know when ill be back again, kiss me and smile for me babe" Lool.
I am going back to school which in itself is a good thing, but however I have struggled with the other things that have come along with my choice.

I have made my choice and I am happy with it. My opportunity cost on this quest to better myself, have being huge huge sacrifices i can only pray that the end would justify the means in eventuality.
This is in no way going to affect the blog in any form or manner, Diaryofafoodiee  is going nowhere it's going to still stay sitting pretty, the only thing going to change about it is my timezone.

You all are my drug so there's no way am abandoning u right now or ever. No way no how. Am in this life style change for the long long haul.

Anyways aside from the big move!!! A lot of other things have happened in my life, I have lost more weight, whoop whoop (117kg). i planned to lose 12kgbut i lost just 6kg. Well aim for the sky right???? Lool congrats to me am getting closer and closer to my goal weight of 80 kg at this rate ill defo be less than the 112kg (250 pounds)  which i wrote in my 25things i planed to be by my birthday this year.

I went on vacation from work for two weeks and when I returned it was like I was a totally different colleagues are mainly guys so u can imagine all the sorts of things i have heard.. oh Lord, lets not even go there.I was talking with my bestie the other  and he was describing the stages i have gone through in this weight loss and he said the size you are now, i have never seen u like this before off course he hasn’t. Since we meet, i have succeeded in making myself irecognisable with food.
Funny enough, he is the only guy who has held my hand in public at 1million KG and not given a damn.

Then the attention I am receiving constantly from guy’s ............woow!!! This is just crazy I look in the mirror and I am like what do they see..???? I hold my fat belly and well I still feel unworthy of all the attention!!! Don’t get me wrong, I ain't complaining to be honest it's amazing to be taught attractive by the opposite sex. This makes me mad shy but ohh well like my friend says I haven’t seen anything yet wait till you hit your 80kg mark.
Dear somebody, hurry up ill soon be Naiomi Campbell.....Truth be told I could get used to this.... Vain Nosa.

Yeah , so I was going to go off Cambridge today actually , but I promised a friend of mine that I would stay on to the end of November with her, so am still stuck on drinking juices loool, i am definitely going to be adding a meal but I'll still be on my three shakes a day anyways.

I might as well just go out with a BANG, I won't see Cambridge again in Canada.

What else is new!!! Ok insanity ShaunT  hip-hop abs, works... Like I have being using it not very faithfully, but I have noticed significant changes already especially in my WAIST region... My upper body is disappearing. I think the disparity between up and down is exactly two dress sizes...

I dare not complain, I remember the days I used to cry for hips God has answered my prayers so bu-freaking-hu!!!!

I tried not to apologise throughout this post but My name is captain”i am sorry”. I haven't abandoned you in Any way or form I have just being busy going about living life, real life that is..

I look up from writing my post and I look around the office, I see these pple who have come to become my family in just 11 months.. It's crazy to think that 29 days from now I'll be waking up to probably go shovel snow from the front of my new home...

Sniff sniff I am gonna miss my life - THIS, my routine.

Let me leave the mushiness for another thing i know for sure is Nov 30th is going to be real hard yo........

It's a Friday night ,get up and go have fun!

Am signing off work soon to go have a crazy time..

Goodbye my loves.

Nossybelle out!.x


Anonymous said…
Nosa love! "Chubby Devil"...congrats my love...can't wait to see you!
LaNew Fifi said…
Awesome, the sky is the limit!
Zee said…
Belle...So proud of you...good to see you made it...cheers!
Anonymous said…
Awwwwwwwww we wild miss you
Anonymous said…
You Liar! Only your bestee! I have held ur hands over 1million times.. Anyways, I miss you. I'm bitter already! Sure you know who ds is! Yours Truly, El Prieko!
Anonymous said…
hunnie, i heard that in canada there is no cambridge. do you know if Atkins diet is also equal to the task? cis it has shakes and low calorie food as well.. buh no consultants nd all.. i hope u see this...
nosayaba bello said…
Hey love, can you send me an email so we can communicate better. I actually havnt researched on the atkins diet.. i plan to continue on the cambridge diet. email me so we get talking.

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