At a point in time when I started this blog, specifically 2 weeks after I started my journey. I had just lost 10kg then and I really was very excited for the future.

Yesterday, I was looking for a post, and I came across my 25 things I wrote down and realized I have being able to cross some of them off my list.

I have listed my 25 things to do before December 21st my birthday and I am going to cross them out with you

So here goes:

1.    I want to ride a bicycle (I know i am weird) – need to find a bicycle to ride.

2. I want to use only one seat belt on a plane.- I don’t even know hw I am going to achieve this one seeing as I am scared to death of flying.

3. I want to be able get on a boat without the fear of it capsizing.

4. I want to wear a size 16 dress- I came from a size 26 dress down to a 20 so I think I am almost there, so help me God.

5. I want to be able to take full body picture without being shy-  

Everybody is tired of me for this one.LMAOOOOOOOO. I am like a picture monster now.

6. Be in love and stay in love. (I will explain like i promised earlier on)

7. Exercise for 1hr30 Mins a day    I do close to 2hrs if not more.yipeeee

8. Run 5 miles without stopping.- when I wrote this, I didn’t know 5miles will take me 1hour,Lmao.i am on 2.5miles now. God help me.

9. Lace my shoes myself without trying to catch my breath- i am a shoe lacing machine, I lace the shoes of anybody who needs my help.

10. Climb the stairs at work without panting like I am going to die. i take it  2 floors at a time else I will actual die no kidding.

11. Take a picture with my boyfriend and not be ashamed that my arm is covering his whole body.   Like I said everybody is tired of me.

12. Get people to stop calling me MA, AUNTY, MADAM (I absolutely hate that SHIT)- I need to take note of this….

13. Cook and eat healthy meals (I am a great cook but I detest the process hence the tendency to eat junk) – still struggling with this, seeing as I gained 3kg this weekend.

14. Weigh less than 250 pounds that’s 112 kg ……very doable (I think this will be achieved before December) -15kg from this goal, 3 months away, that means I need to loose 3.75kg every month from now till December. Easy peezy,lets make this 99kg by December. Yes? Yes?

15. Lie down on my bed comfortably with someone else without them fearing I will squeeze them to death - this felt so gooood there was even space for a baby.Lol OSAZEE OSHODIN CAN TESTIFY.

16. Sit down without spilling out of my office chair. – Yep, i am totally inside all the rims.LOL

17. Wear a jump and play suit. (I love those but my thighs ooh my thighsssssssssssssss) – Done Done DONE!!! hehehe

18. Wear a full bathing suit. YES and let my thick ass hang.- ill be trying this in 3 weeks.

19. Tie my little sister’s towel completely round my bory….LMAOOOOO – haven’t even tried it.lool

20. Sit down and cross my legs: can’t even remember being able to do this ever. – I think this is one of my Best.. it made me feel like a lady.

21. Go back to wearing a bra without an extender.—my breasts are basically swimming in the oceans called my bras. If I wear an extender, I might as well just go without a bra.

22. Pass in front of a group of boys and not worry about having to curse there asses out for laughing.- now they make comments about my huge bum LOL.

23. Use the PEDESTRIAN side walk gate in my estate YES!!!!----Score

24. Dance for an hour non-stop.- Lets make this 2hours for our next goal. LOOOL I love to get down!!!!

25. Sit at the back of a car comfortably with two other people.---Donzo

Wow, 15 things crossed off my list. Some of these things are regular stuff, regular sized people take for granted. In the world of an obese gyal these where more like tasks.
Every day, I thank God that I decided to change my life. These 15things, I do them now most of the time unconsciously without thinking about it. These are no more tasks or no longer feel like chores, they have gradually become a part of my everyday life.
If you are out there thinking about taking that first step, start today, stop thinking about it, just go on and take a leap of faith. Who knows in 12 weeks you just maybe crossing of your own list of 25 things.
See you all later people
Nossybelle out, X.


Anonymous said…
Congrats dear Nosa and thanks for sharing. I'm so writing my 25 things right away!
omoye said…
Gosh Nova ehn! Thank u 4 what u r doing. Truly an inspiration. Xxx
Anonymous said…
Great achievements Nosa! We are solidly behind you. Go girl!!!! One love...Susan
yayra afia said…
Congrats rlly impressive how did uu loose weight plss...
nosayaba bello said…
thank u omoye..(yummy mummy)
nosayaba bello said…
uw hun. write them down and keep them, we will cross them off together in 12 weeks, xx
Anonymous said…
I heard your speech at the CWP gala night yesterday and when you mentioned you were a blogger, I was definitely going to check you out :D. This is just to say how inspiring you were to me, and I'm even more inspired reading your blog, seeing how much you have struggled and how you have managed to overcome. Well done Nosa. Keep up the great work. You got yourself a follower *wink wink*

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