In a split second!

 My Loves,

I keep apologising. so i am going to stop.Work is crazy but i think about you every minute i am away from here.

Alot has happened since i last wrote. All good things and good news. The best of it came yesterday at approximately 11.47 am.

Rememeber when i told you all to pray for me about something? Well God answered my prayers and i just cant stop dancing. I will tell youn all about it SOON!!!!

In my life, i have being privillged to be in some life changing situations, where God has forced me to seek his face and his face only and everytime he always shows up in the nick of time.

I love the Lord Alot, even if i tag my self a struggling christian, I love God and he sure does love me too.

Sorry for taking you guys to church.LoL...
Anyways today was one of those awesome days, i smiled from morning till now, even if the load from work was sometimes back breaking, still i smiled, aside from the fact that almost all the guys at work are now commenting on 'MY TRANSFORMATION"  in their words.

I also was able to complete my walk from V.I to Jakande in 1.38.46 secs. My family was so scared. when i called that i had gotten to Jakende everyone was relieved and then went on on how i was crazy.    
That makes me very very shy, but my heart is happy. so i will learn to live with it.LOL.

Yesterday as i walked past the mirror in the gym, i saw it "FOR A SPLIT SECOND, i saw it.

My new frame so to speak, so tiny and small, i even felt short . I walked back to mirror and stood for a moment and took it all in, somehow i knew that by this moning, i probably wont see what i saw last night, and i was right.

This morning i went back to the mirror, and i felt like well normal level. But  i am holding on to that split second of last night and its going to be my motivator to do better.  I absolutely loved that what i saw LOVED LOVED LOVED!!!!

I have come a very very long way and i have a long way to go as well but i aint stopping now.

What happened yesterday took me back to the begining of my journey. I decided to change my life, the day i was able to stand before the image that was my body in the mirror and take a hard look at it.

I was so unhappy with what i saw, i was walking past the mirror i always very well ignored it, and somehow i saw it, the sadness, unhappinss, loneliness, pain, all the ridicule it was all shown in the face of the girl who was staring back at me.

It was in that moment i realised that it was time, the time had come for me make a change  AND TAKE MY LIFE BACK.

18 weeks after, i stand tall, the girl who used to walk into a room face to the ground first ashamed,worried if everybody had stopped what they were doing to  look at the rolling mass entering the room.

 I smile more, i am happier than i have ever being in my life. The little things that i used to dwell on before and poor my fat frustrations of misguided anger, i totally over look.

I am free. I am alive and I am happy. I dont feel scared when i wake up in the morning, worried about what humiliation i will face that day. I am no longer a prisoner in my own body.

I wish everyone could experience this feeling with me. Today i think i have being directed to reach out to someone.

If there is any one out there still struggling, i want you to know that you are not alone. If you  are not ready to reach out to me or anyone else for help, reach out to God.

Hold onto the hem of his garment and he will lift you up, slowly taking you out of the darkness you maybe experiencing right now, god will change your life '' IN A SPLIT SECOND".

To my readers, if you know any one struggling with their weight be it 80kg to lose like myself or 5kg. Let them Know that help is here.

Any one can reach me by Email on the "contact me" page or by phone, My No 08179591586".

I will try as much as possible to respond to all of your emails, text messages and calls.

Am out of here guys, Like my Good friend Nelly always says, "It will definately end in praise"

Bye me Loves.

Here is a song for you all.....

 Nossybelle out.x


Anonymous said…
thanks for the inspiration boo,


yummy mummy
and the spilled tea?????
Raw-Mama said…
Hey there thank you for making a trip to my blog – much appreciated. I have to also repay the compliment – you are equally a stunner and as you are losing the weight, you’re looking absolutely amazing. Well done on your weight loss to date, it is a great achievement.

You know, I can really relate to your blog posts – I have been there and felt like that, especially you post on obesity. I am glad you found me and I am glad I read your inspiring journey……. I have added you to my blog – please stay in touch

Can I just stay - remember why you’re doing this, stay focused and keep moving forward. Nelly’s famous words “it will end in praise”

beebee said…
thank you so much for this are my greatset source of inspiration. i feel like nothing works for me. i wantu try ur cambridge diet. pls tell me hw to go about it
nosayaba bello said…
hello bb send me an email and then we would take it from there

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