Hi peeps,
I spent the last few hours trying to update you guys on the wedding with a post and all its pictures and the thing refused to save after hours of trying i gave up.

I will still be bringing you that post, but ill have to learn to upload all the pictures at the same time.

So i spent the weekend cheating and cheating and i gained about 3kilos. This just reminded me how much quickly one can spiral out of control right back to where it all started.

I came to realize this morning as i got on the scale that my life has changed, whether I like to accept it or NOT. This journey is not a momentary thing it is for the rest of my life.

My excuse to be naughty: The wedding is over so i am back on my grind.

A lot happened since i have being away from you guys.

The rates at which guys have something to say to me aside from" madam comot for road make i pass" is just the most surprising. I guess everybody likes a good thing.

This is for all the MR's : This body you all are liking now is still a work in progress, i am working hard for it, I am still building it, so just sit and wait just for a little while.LOL .Nope i ain’t  kidding, i am damn serious. It’s my turn to pick and choose.

 Everybody seems to have awoken to the fact that i am smaller now. I get so shy when people see me and open their mouths or shout.I just always want to enter into the ground and hide there forever. i wore my size 22 top today, and my colleague said that i look like i am wearing agbada.

 I finally went and got my size of pants and well the boys in my office have not let me hear the last about my huge bumbum. This hips and bumbum i have being looking for, now i dnt want again. i want to be able to pass boys without them keeping quiet or whispering. This is a clear case of be careful what you wish for.

I remember when i used to look at people who have gone through a weight loss journey with so much envy. I would wonder to myself, how did they get the zeal and the will power to go from 160kg down to 80kg? In 1, 2 or even 3 years.

I have started so many weight loss journeys, most of which i dump before i get anywhere. This happens to be the hardest, but i have stuck with it.

I realised on the 18th of May 2013, that i was absolutely tired of looking from the other side. Giving standing oviations to people who were struggling, hating my body, and worse of wishing and doing absolutely nothing about it.

I was ready, mentally, physically and emotionally. I was no longer going to play the victim card, the helpless fat girl who couldn't stand up from her bed, without strategically positioning her body, or climb the stairs without panting or even sleep at night for the fear of dying in her sleep.

I wanted to change my life so bad, i was ready to do anything.

When you get to your breaking point, where you know, right now, i am standing between the devil and the deep blue sea. It’s either this way or no way out.

In 16 weeks, i have come to realize that i am a warrior, a fighter, a strong woman. The things people told me I couldn’t do matter no more because i have proved them all wrong.
A lot of people have confessed to me that they were waiting for me to fail and can't believe I have come this far.
I get loads and loads of emails from people who want to know what I am doing and how I am able to maintain it. 
The Secret is determination and discipline.
The truth is weight loss is a total life style change, an overhaul. There is no shortcut, no days off, no slacking time. 
I am a living example from Thursday to Sunday on bad choices I went 3kg's up.You snooze you lose case closed.
Do I feel bad about the gain? Well NO! Why because I know better than I knew 16 weeks ago.. 
It is a wakeup call for me which I think I needed.....

My journey has being so smooth every week is a loss so maybe I needed to fall off the wagon or go off track to get myself back in focus..
In the past I would blame it on one thing or the other, but now I know to take full responsibilities for my actions. 
You make bad choices, you suffer the consequences.
To every human being out there, who is on a journey to a healthier life, 
let me tell you this much, you need to want it, smell it, see it, not just dream it, make it happen.
This journey is not easy I know I say this all the time but I can't hammer on it enough.
I decided by myself that I wanted to stop viewing life from the other side, wishing hoping. 
I did a 360 overhaul. I am working, fighting and scoring big time.
At the end of the day guys, your destiny is in your own hands... 

Easy loves.
Nossybelle out.X 




Congrats and don't Stop till You get to that desired size, Remember that your doubts are nothing more than the lies your fears have sold you.
nkay said…
Nosa congrats you look soooòooo good. Keep it up
Janet Blessing said…
U look gud nosa...kip doing wat u are doing .
Anonymous said…
Keep it up gal, so proud of u
nosayaba bello said…
thank you

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