Hi People of foodiesville.
Let me first thank you all so much for your feedback, it means ALOT to me.

Everybody has something nice and encouraging to say, and it’s really amazing.

You know those last five minutes on the treadmill where i am drenched and something in my head says well-done you have done enough you can get down now? Well then i channel your voices and make sure i finish up.

So thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who passes by here, following my progress. I appreciate all your contributions no matter how small you think it is, little drops of water makes a mighty ocean. Thank you.

I absolutely appreciate all your kind words. A lot of people say i motivate them; i get a lot of calls, emails, and messages. Commending me for a job well done. Thank you all so much.

I am sort of in a somber mood tonight. I went to drop my sister off at the airport. She is going back home to Canada i normally won’t feel so bad, because I had the other sister, but the other sister is off with her husband now, so that leaves me home alone with the parents.

Sobs!!! no gossip partner, no one to have taken my slipper from the side of my bed before i wake up in the morning. No ONE TO SEND STUPID ERRANDS (They complain, but they always go). I really am going to miss my sisters. dnt want to talk to much about them before i get emosh...

As i walked out of the airport, struggling with tears in my eyes i realised that this is all part of growing up.
I knew someday would come where we are not all hurdled up under the same blanket laughing away at our own stupid jokes and pretending not to hear our mum scream our names.

Now i am crying..............................  Ehi and Ami baby i miss you guys so much, i even miss the stupid fights and irrelevant arguments. My consolation is you are mine forever Gods gift to me and you might be a thousand miles away or a 5 mins drive things are still not the same.

Tonight i salute technology because at least i know i can reach you some how whenever i want. We have to dedicate another post to the founding fathers one day.

On a lighter note, Three isolated incidents happened in the last 24 hours.

There is this particular suya man who sits just outside the car park at the airport. There never was a time i could resist. Anytime i visited the airport, either pick up or drop off, i gats visit that man mehn ending the visit with a chilled bottle of Fanta.

Today i walked right past him with a huge grin on my face, I was inhaling the smell and closing my eyes when i heard my friends voice say "mehn this suya just they tempt person." I was like its as if you are in my head, i just they smell the thing. Every time i went to the airport i must buy that suya and worst of all i would finish it at his stand so that nobody will beg me. NOBODY. smh!

I walked into a supermarket where i used to frequent normally in the past. I would just be lying down on my bed at home, this would be after raiding the fridge of all things edible i would fly from my bed and jump into the car like I had being possessed by a demon and drive down to the supermarket and stock up on junk, lock my room door hide them under my bed and eat them all alone. Note, I must finish them all that night. NOBODY must ever find them and beg me. No Never!!!!!

Last night we had a surprise birthday celebration for my sister. Those who know my mum know she loves to throw down. She was the designated chef for the event by default. Lets just say we asked her for the proverbial 5 loaves of bread and two fishes. She said ok but what we got at the end of the day was enough to fed 5000.

There were foods from all works of life, drinks, cakes, pizza, finger foods and all sorts. I am a foodie.

If you want to bring out the gorilla in me, please leave cake in front of me, i will climb the table in perfect squat position, beat my chest and dive in, not to talk of huge chunks of peppered chicken and gizzard, with jollof rice and fried rice Chei GOD!!!!

I had already conditioned my mind before i got there, that under no circumstance was i going to eat, and that i did. When i got hungry, i took out my cup mixed my shake and drank it we all partied away.

I saw alot of people look at me like wow!! With all this food? This gal CRAY!!! Someone even came up to me and shook my hand and said determination. I have mad friends, dnt worry about it.

18 weeks ago, these are things i would never have being able to resist or overlook look, id definetly have bought that suya, deviated from what took me to the shop and gop on a full blown binge, and definitely had three to 4 huge helpings of all the foods present at the party last night.

What has changed? I have grown. I know better now, I am wiser.

Now i am in charge of my mind and body and its not the other way around.

I walk past the suya man knowing that i will live to visit that spot another day and if i didn’t eat the suya i wouldn’t itch and die.

When the urge to go to the supermarket comes i tell myself Nosa don’t cheat on you, it’s not worth it.

Lastly i don’t have to isolate myself from people because i am afraid that i will loose control when confronted with food.

I have efficiently learnt to train my mind to realise that food is for fuelling the body and not for fulfilling my insatiable urge, which was linked to the bottomless pit in my stomach.
I AM GROWING. This didn't happen over night it took me time and i am still on this journey learning new things everyday. 

Whether you decide to use my method, or yours, take it one step at a time. Slowly and surely we will get there. Have a blessed new week guys.

Crawling under my duvet to sleep ALONE, and cry some more.. Yes i am an AGBAYA.

Nossybelle out.X


Ehi B said…
Love you too, baby. And miss youuuuu. This post is too funny but I'm even too rired to laugh. Just for home. See you sooooon...
Your side of the beeeeeeed ;) hehe.
Ehi B said…
Got* tired* ugggh!
nosayaba bello said…
Amenze said…
Aww this made me so emosh. Love and miss you too sis :* nd I'm just 15mins away when there is no traffic lol
nosayaba bello said…
Lmao... Amenze u and Tolu i will NEVER come to ur house again... after i slept on the road because of u too smally...
Demilade said…
LMAO! Please Nosa, how do you go from the emotional to the hilarious (chest-beating, cake-swallowing gorilla description, LMAO!) all in one write-up!? That has to be talent, mehn...I'm still laughing as i type.
Anyways, I know exactly how you feel to 'lose' you sisters to age, maturity, responsibilities, time.... just be thankful because as you know, its part of growing up and its all to attain better, greater heights in life, so its all good. Pele, cry-baby...
nosayaba bello said…
LOOOL.Demilade dnt mind me, i am glad you enjoyed the post...i will always be a cry baby standard even when i marry and leave them i will still cry. Thanks for stopping by. kiss kiss.

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