Hi Guys,
This what i feel i look like today..
Its that time of the moneth again.

The going to cry in the toilet, snapping at every one and thing, even inanimate objects.

The heaviness of my boobs, does not even help at all, like i dnt know why the first sign of my period is the boob heaviness it tripples in size and it disgusts me.

I feel like i weigh 200kilograms today. I ve looked at all my before and after pictures and they are not working today.

My consultant suggested i take in all my old cothes and stop wearing them the way they are looking like agbada. I want to do this, but at the same time i am scareeeed.What if i add weight again? These clothes have become part of my safe heaven

Am sorry guys, i hope i am not making anyone scared But i am no superwoman. I have days like this where i am terfified. 35KG DOWN OR NOT , I still struggle with the mental part of it.

looking at them is not helping at all
Let me chip in one good thing i noticed since i started cambridge my period has being stable and regular.

I used to experience irregular periods since the beginining of cambridge my periods have appeared consistently since june. i used to have at most 3 times a year periods and well i felt it was great no tampons no sanitary towel nothing just freedom.

I have being enligthend to the fact that irregular periods are a sign of infertility in women. wooooooooooow... well something major to be very thankful to God for because i mean one more thing that fatness would have robbed me off.......God forbid.

Funny thing is that after writing that i actually feel better than when i started writing this post. i guess God needs us to appreciate the little things so that he can bless us with the big things.

Fridays are ususally my happy days because of the weekend, but today i spent  most of it cranky as  ***K. loooool

Anyways tommorow i have challanged my self to walk from my estate in v.i to 3rd round about in lekki. My family members are worried that if i do too much i may collapse and die on the road. well i guess i would have died trying right.

At this jucture ladies and gentle men, i say have a fantastic weekend. I plan to have lots of fun this weekend.I ve started already by jammin davido's newest track. SKELEWU.... the beat of this song totally grew on me..

Enjoy your weekend guys, count your blessings and name them one by one am off to do that right now.

A little present below.

LOOOL. Bye guys.

Nossybelle out. X


nelly agbogu said…
Sweetie from me to you-

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!#believe!
Anonymous said…
Its yummy mummy again!

U wrote! u purged the emotions so hopefully u feel better now, i think u do.

hope u enjoy ur walk, PLS dont use earphones so ull hear whats going on around u, i need y steady fix! lol

Ure beautiful, n the devil wont rub you of joining me as a yummy mummy when you are ready.

will email u my pin shortly.


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