Hello people,

So today, I sat at my table reminiscing. I remember the first time i resumed at my new job. I am sure i was way above 161.5 kg as at that because that morning i couldn’t find a single outfit to wear.

I had even considered getting into my torn trousers and begging them to sew me into it. I was so helpless. Everything i tried on required me to be physically carried to work and would also require me to stand all through the day because an attempt to sit would result in me bursting my trousers and revealing my nakedness.

I finally found one dress and God helping me, i wore that dress for the whole week. It was black, and i hoped nobody will notice the new girl. I told myself i didn’t care, but every morning when it would get to time for me to dress up for work, i will cry a little. I was so unhappy.

To make matters worse, one of my bosses called me into his office (God bless his soul) and then we had the healthy living talk.  He went as far as helping me find out my companies gym and encouraged me to keep going.

The plan was to report back to him every month with my progress he even promised me a price after 20 kg loss.

The First month, i tried i dint have a scale so i just started eating healthy. I ‘d make a fruit cocktail of pineapple and watermelon and have that as breakfast, moi moi and fish for lunch or salad and then skip dinner. Instead of drive to work i would walk (my off is opp the house anyways) i was that lazy i used to drive.

At the end of the first month, i went and told my boss i had lost 4kg. I will never know what i had lost because my scale used to show error whenever i got on it. The maximum weight it could carry was 160kg. So you can just imagine the horror after 30days of diet control and i was still seeing the 'E" sign on the scale.

Funny enough, i didn’t give up. i decided to do more research and see what i could do to shift more weight. All through this i didn’t give up i just kept on doing my thing jeyjeyly.

I found out about Cambridge through my friend who introduced me to Nelly’s blog. It took me about 2weeks to decide i was going to do it, and another 1 week to contact Nelly.

Normally i will always wait till the 1st of the Month to start any of my numerous weightloss journey. I started my journey on the 21st of May 2013 i did not even bother about the date i just knew i needed to help myself and i started.

One week later when i returned to my consultant’s office to weigh in, i was 7kg lighter and in that moment i knew that i was going all the way.

16 weeks later i meet people who call me their mentor, and some tell me thank you every day for helping them on their journey. I will forever be amazed at how many lives i have touched. Who knew?

This past week i have received countless emails from people, who are on the verge of giving up. Concidentally, it has come at a time where I have also skid off track and put on some weight so i can totally relate.

I want to use this medium to talk to you all. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER give up. Ever.

Keep fighting; make no excuses, because excuses produce zero results. If at first you don’t succeed, try try try and try again. Your success is not measured by how many times you fall, but by how many times you can pick yourself up.

Always remind yourself constantly why you started this journey. For me contrary to what people think, i dint start to look like a ballerina dancer or a size 0 model, i just wanted to be free, i wanted to be able to live. I needed to experience true unadulterated happiness; most importantly i wanted to be healthy.

On days when the going gets tough, i remind myself of these things and sometimes it keeps me going.

All in all when i am really struggling, I pray. I take it to God in prayer. He is the author and finisher of our faith. Without him i am nobody.

 “When you are down to nothing, God is up to something, remember it’s still at Gods feet"

Am off to church guys talk to you later.

Nossybelle Out. X



Anonymous said…
YAY you!!!

Im a 27 yr old 1st time yummy mummy and was introduced to your blog yesterday! HEARTS IT!!!

Confession: ive been refreshing your page throughout the day, waiting for todays "fix"

GREAT JOB, I want to be like you when i grow up! lol

I gained 35lbs while preggers n ive lost 25lbs in the 8 weeks thats passed, but i still have some good 80lbs to lose to get to the weight ill be happy at.(im now 280lbs)

Just one thing, please upload more pics!!!

NEWEST loyal reader!!
Anonymous said…
btw, u wear very beautiful dresses, (esp the pinky sleeveless one) where do u shop!!! im a confessed shopaholic.

yummy mummy from above post
Anonymous said…
Hi Nosa, have u heard from Nelly? She hasn't updated like forever. Is she oK?
nosayaba bello said…
hahahaha, loooool ur so effing hilarious. your comments got me cracking up....yummy mummy i def want to be like you when i grow up as well. i try to write as often as i can. my job is very tideous so most times i update when i am on break or even on the toilet seat, basically wherever i get inspiration. hit me up wit your pin or digits will like to talk to you my emailm addy is (future yummy mummy.) mwaaaahhhh!!!!
nosayaba bello said…
well shopping used to be restrictive for me i mainly get my clothes from ASOS though.

Things have change thou,i can now shop from almost anywhere which has made me stark raving mad, buy every and anything.

The pink sleevless dress(if you are talking about the dress in my last post its actually coral lool) was made by my designer i can give you her details if you want.x
nosayaba bello said…
yeah nelly is fine she has a new blog. go to her last post and youd get the link.kisses.
Anonymous said…
wow i love u nelly. Will like to meet u oneday, HALIYAT
Anonymous said…
U mean Nosa? Lmao
Anonymous said…
Hi Nosa, so I found out aboyt your blog via IG, and I was so touched, i am seriously on the big side and it feels my life is crashing, I'm hardly happy and about 4months ago I went for a body fit test where the doctors shouted n asked if I wanted to die, to cut the story short, I used to weigh 125kg and about 2months ago I started going to gym n now I weigh 119kg but right now I don't know what else to do, I'm confused n I won't mind you helping me plsssssss
nosayaba bello said…
hey love, email me so we chat in looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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