Hey Guys,
Its being a minute.

Can I just say that upping and moving is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly? I am drenched in to do, plus I am still going to work. Right now I am rocking a fro, and I haven’t made my hair in fact right now I feel like I need a personal assistant.
Weight loss has been zigzag. I haven’t exercised in like 2 weeks .bleeeh. I haven’t exactly been eating the wrong things but I am not on a 100.
I am stressed out mentally, physically and emotionally. A lot of people feel that I should be over the moon because I am leaving “dysfunctional Naija” plus i am going to meet my family. Well truth is I do not know how I feel exactly.
My mood varies throughout the day it goes like a sinusoid up and down. Right now I am indifferent, and I just want to let it all out on paper.
Basically I am travelling during “festivities” extremely dangerous. Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world. It is the season to be jolly and grow a little pouch. Well for me that is not the plan this time around.
I know exactly where I am coming from and i know that never ever again in this life am I going back there ever. I have spent the last few weeks researching exercising and diet and wow, who knew you, could do so much with egg whites. loool.  Google indeed is a wonder tool.
Anyways, most of you have heard about insanity right? Well the producer of insanity has brought to us Focus T25. This is a compilation of 9 DVD’s of short 25Mins videos where u burn between 200- 250 calories, depending on your weight range. Like I said earlier I searched and searched until I found it on Google, there were thousand s of other programs I settled for focus T 25 because I am familiar with the insanity series and I know for a fact that it does work.
It also comes with a meal plan I have compiled all of the ingredients I will need and sent them off to my sister to help me purchase them. I am not giving myself a break, I am jumping right in.
This is the season where normally I would put on between 7-10kg and I am not kidding. This year, I want to change my story and make it the season where I lose weight and get my body into form even it I don’t lose weight this time, I will be proud of myself  that I was able to take charge and take control and stay healthy.
The gym still stays I am going to register as well because it is just across the road from the house. However I know that it is the winter season, where there will be mornings where I will be snowed in, temperatures will drop to about -30 degrees, blizzards and all of weather mishaps that could happen would come into play I do not want to have a day of excuse.  I cannot wait for perfect conditions; I have to create them myself.
How are you all preparing for the holidays? I know most of us are in the Habit of writing New Year’s Resolutions on the 1st of every year and the carrying on till the 5th and then going back to status quo?  I am so excited that on my birthday this year, my biggest prayer won’t be “’ Dear Lord please help me wake up looking like Beyonce” I have worked hard and fought a good fight in 2013 and proud.
So I am going out this year to get myself something beautiful to wear, take pictures, lie down and dream of how fabulous 2014 is going to be  plus let’s not forget look at before and after  pictures, I have a ton from my birthday last year, I changed three times. What a diva!!!!LOOL.
Between writing this post and trying to go back and forth replying work emails it’s been almost 5hrs I put my hand to the keyboard to start out this post. That’s my life, I am not complaining. I would like to promise you all of me in the coming month, but winter makes me very CRRRAAAAAAAANNNNNNKKKKKKYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!. So no promises.
On a more serious note, what are your plans for the rest of the year? It’s not too late to start. Do not wait for the trap of a new year’s resolution or the last 1st of the Month in 2013 if you get what I mean.  Just get up and do it. Like I say all the time, the end justifies the means.
Anyone who wants to join me in the December challenge, contact me and ill hook you up with how to get the focus t25 package.
Alright me loves, let me run along back to work.
Nossybelle out.x


Anonymous said…
excellent post as always. am interested in da t25 am in London. if u could pls send me the link. very well done on ur loss.

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