Hi me darlings,
How’s everyone doing? I am in high spirits I woke up that way. Its two weeks today I left Nigeria. Time really does fly.

I am coping fine to be honest I mean with the drastic weather change, it can be crazy.

Do you believe that since I got here I haven't eaten chocolate or had soda or burger or ice cream or Starbucks or SUBWAYS...and I am not finding it funny.. loool.

I started my focus t25 diet the day after I Landed, which was Sunday. My sister dint deem it fit to even try and buy us chocolate or cake to usher me/us in to the diet. I always eat like a crazy person just before I start a diet, but hey this didn’t happen this time around.

I started my diet full out on Monday morning2nd Dec 2013, doing my exercises and eating the food on the t25 diet sheet for the first 5days. I am used to exercising but I always dread anything ShaunT because it will leave your body in shambles.

That it has done to me, whooped my ass and at the same time its getting my ass in shape as well I am enjoying seeing the new roundness. I am very self-obsessed, don't pay me mind.

I have been deciding whether to spill on the amount of kilos I have lost on this diet so far. Wanted to wait till he end of the 5 weeks to update you guys, but I think I should on the two weeks mark to update people to encourage them to try out the t25 regime. 

So far I have done the diet and exercise routine for two weeks, going on my third now and I have lost a total of 5kg. Oh yeah and I finally got a scale loool I couldn't stay away according to my sister. Yes so 5 kilos in two weeks eehhhhhhh with food and exercise not bad at all...

I guess if there is still anybody doubting out there, you should jump on the band wagon focus t25 is gruesome, painful, annoying the 25mins can feel like forever because of the kind of pain you would be feeling, but it does work. I wish I could show you the definition lines I have gained on my tummy, AMAZING.

I can’t wait for week 5 to see the total end results. Although t25 is a 15-week program which I am determined to complete. That should take me to somewhere around March so lets go.

Aside from diet and exercise, everything else is fine and going on smoothly thank you for asking, I would like to presume that anyways.

My birthday is around the corner, and the plan is to eat mate. On the 21st of December I am going to reward myself with food.

Already even twerking thinking about it. Going to have breakfast lunch and dinner on my day. I hope to God that would keep me happy. Every year usually I have a party with my friends and well this is a new place where my friends are scattered around the country so it’s just me and my family.

Okey Dokey, let me go and shovel snow man and continue watching my breaking bad that’s how i role. 

Have a nice weekend people mwah.

Nossybelle out.x


Anonymous said…
Amazing aint the word. Your determination is out of this world. Always put a before pic with your 'now' so that ppl can actually be blown away by your transformation. Please wat is the t25 diet?
kozzantie said…
Pls do I get or knw about the t25 diet?? Nice job dear
Precy said…
Nosa of life answer me na pls. How will I get the T25 in lagos. U are doing sooooooo weeelllll for urself. Keep it up dear
nosayaba bello said…
thank you so much. if you can refer to my previous posts, i wrote ll about the focus t25 there you can email me for more info.
nosayaba bello said…
Email me
nosayaba bello said…
percy of eternal life, Oya email me lets talk.
1 + The One said…
WOW! You look goood! Well done hun.. Your determination and discipline is almost unbelievable.. May God continue to give you grace in Jesus name xx
Anonymous said…
U look FAB!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Hi nosa,pls how can I get the t25 diet and nid the timetable......u really doing well thumbs up
Stella Chukwu said…
wow nosa keep it up ok if possible share ur diet plan with us am so inspired... more grease to ur elbow hun!

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