Longest time.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays? I sure did... Mehn, I ate. I saw food and the foodie in me came ALIVE, I think I was in a food coma on Christmas night. My mum can cook anyone who knows my meha knows this. That woman is Davinci in the kitchen DAMN…. Lets move on.

As we round of the year, I have seen and heard a lot of people say hey, New Year new me, new beginning blahblahblahhhh. I know, that used to be me. Like I said in my last post I was fortunate to be born 9days to the new-year so I would always use that excuse.

Going into the New Year on the resolution bandwagon loool it just never worked for me. I used to be the Monday girl, who couldn't start any diet till the next Monday because diets just don't work on Tuesdays. Lets not even go into the 1st of the Month thing. I mean how many months can really start on Monday? Not a lot that I came to learn.

When it came down to it at 161.5kg push came to shove, and I started my journey on the 21st of May 2013. Time was running out and I needed to help myself. Sometimes, I look at myself and imagine what I would look like now if I started this whole thing in January 2013 as I had promised in 2012.

Truth is I needed to learn some lessons along the way. A series of events that led up to what pushed me to change my life. I am the one enjoying the benefits of a healthy lifestyle all by myself.

Hardwork,  Perseverance and dedication.  It’s easier said than done. I had a lot of naysayers at the start of my journey some people gave me two weeks to slide right back into obscurity.

I mean when I started Cambridge, a lot of people told me how I would blow up and be double my former size that is go to 322kg. I mean most of that stuff I ignored because if there is one thing I have learnt in this life, it is that people will hate you because you are doing what they cant.

I never ever let anyone get into my head and plant a seed of destruction. The journey was between me and myself. Six months down the line they see me now and they want to know how I did it.

I am glad I didn't listen to anyone, or justify my choices either. Going into the New Year, I call this the second half of my journey, THEGETFITORDIETRYINGPHASE.

Where I am going to once again do it my own way at my own pace. The truth is that life is a learning process, so that’s what I am going to be doing learning and carrying on in my little corner, asking for help when I get stuck and ready to assist anyone who is genuinely serious about changing their lifestyle.

On the flip side, 2013 was a great year for me; I met some of the most amazing people ever through my blog and other forms of social media. I have built friendships in this last 6-7 months that would last a lifetime.

I am just about ready for 2014, I can just feel the excitement I know that it’s going to be an even better year than this absolutely fantastic & amazing year gone by.

Just a little encouragement.  A lot of us went haywire during the holiday, like went full blast out and just went in crazy on the food and holiday goodies.

If you are one of them let me see your hands up? (Waves hands frantically). I was a very bad girl. I ate food meant for a whole village. My blog is not named foodie because I love the spelling, its because this girl can eat. 

Don’t worry about the mishap that was done. Just dust yourself up and keep going like I am doing, one small bump in the road does not totally ruin the whole journey only if you let it. JUST KEEP ON GOING. You can only be classified a failure if you fall and stay down. 

Our new mantra for the New Year is GETFITORDIETRYING. Eat it, drink it, do it, recite it, most importantly live like you mean it.

I am sore all over from exercising. Will it be weird if I said I love the PAIN? I don’t think so. loooool

I am out of here people. 

Nossybelle out.x


Precy said…
Mehn i ate like somebody dat hadnt seen food for like 10yrs. Within 24th and 28th i had added like 2kg. but am back on track again, and yes 2014 we are team GETFITORDIETRYING. Weldone boo
nosayaba bello said…
yes baby gyal... getfitordietrying hehehheheheh...2014 we are going to BRING IT. cant wait.
Sylvia Amede said…
Way to go Nosa,I am with you! Started my fitness journey in July last year and taking each day has it comes because this journey is for life.#teamfitness
Lims said…
Hey Nosa, Happy New Year! How's the Focus T25 going? am on Alpha phase Week 4 even though food hasn't been clean but keep up with the exercise. Now am back to basic with the FOOOOD

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