Hello Guys.
I just finished my day 1 week 2 of my focus t25. whoop whoop. I am getting better stamina wise. I was able to pull through the 25 minutes having to only depend on the modifier just a little, unlike the first week I did it; I was just focusing more on the modifier. The modifier is basically someone in the exercise video that does a slightly easier version of the exercise ypu are still working out yea, but at a lower intensity.

I feel so light even though I am eating. I feel like I need to clear the air about something today. There is no magic weight loss pill u need to work hard to see results in all aspects. The biggest mistakes we make all the time is with our diet.

I hear things like "Nosa, I exercise my butt off but I am not loosing weight". When the conversation progresses and I begin to probe, I find out that some of us eat the wrongest things ever.

For example, rice is rice. This is my best food on the planet. RICE. But it is what it is RICE and it has unhealthy carbohydrates. The carbs in two tablespoons of rice will be equivalent to a cup of quinoa or even brown rice (i don't eat any rice at all) which I don't particularly like but I am learning to love.

The general belief is that if you eat the wrong things and go to the gym for one day, you have taken away all the sins you have committed against your body. That is the biggest from of self-deceit, I am so guilty of this plus you are just really punishing yourself. Truth is I discovered that you could actually eat very nice healthy dishes by replacing what u love with healthy carBs.

I ate a burger the other day, which I made from scratch, and the calorie content when I added it all up wasn’t up to 400. Eating healthy is a chore on its own, but like I say all the time, the end justifies the means. I was able to eat my burger by replacing all the unhealthy ingredients with healthy ones.
I used a wheat bun in place of the  normal white burger bread bun, avocado as my spread to replace whatever spread is used in burgers, and I made my meat filling from ground lean meat instead of the processed burger meat filling and for the cheese I used goat cheese which has way less calories with loads of tomatoes cucumber and lettuce. Yum,yum. It tasted just as good.

Someone  asked me how they would get all the ingredients in Nigeria. I know that is a huge challenge one I used to face myself, but you don’t necessarily have to use the exact same things we have here you can replace them with what’s available back at home.

Truth is, you can never out exercise a bad diet. You can probably maintain yeah but there will be no significant loss I can promise you that. Its simple math’s. The amount you take in should not be less than the amount you give out. 

Abs are made in the kitchen. For us to achieve that body we are all dying for, I don't know about you, but I am dying to get that flat belly, Lol we need to eliminate certain kinds of food in total and then gradually start to incorporate them later on. This means somewhere along the line, i will still be able to eat my beloved rice again.

All white carbs should be replaced with whole wheat, fizzy drinks with water, replace your sugar cravings with fruit mixes; that is raw fruits blended yourself. Trust me it helps a lot. I was a Fanta addict, haven't had one in over 7 months never did I know a time in my life like that would come. 

I used the Cambridge diet to jump-start my weight loss, because I was morbidly obese, tipping the scale at 161 Kg was no joke. I have gotten to the point where I am at a manageable weight and I want to see what the other side of the coin holds. Eating healthy and exercising 6 times a week.

It is easier said than done over here. People see me at this weight, and still say ooh wow, you are big, you need to loose weight, not knowing where I started from so it is like I am starting all over again from the beginning. It weighs me down sometimes but most of the time, it is really that extra push that I need reminding me I have to keep on going, because I have a goal which only I can achieve myself.

I still don't know what I weigh because I don't have a scale, plus I woke up to a snow blizzard, which we were not expecting, grrrrh. The weather was supposed to be bearable today at -11 degrees (ridiculous I know, but better than -31 with 16mph wind chills) so if tomorrow is better I would go and weigh, if not ill know its Gods doing and wait till next week Monday.

Lastly before I go, I sent out my pin my last two posts, I got an overwhelming amount of requests with only but a few people actually enquiring about anything. Some people actually just added me and stayed mute. So I did the unthinkable and took them all off my phone. I am actually a very private person; my blog is what has made me open up.

I am going back to the conventional email messaging and when i get a number, ill send it out for y'all to add me on watsapp, i am sorry but I couldn't handle the pressure of almost 300 bb contacts, that just wasn't working for me.

Anybody want to reach me for now please do so on the contact me section of my blog, or email me at and I will do so very well to respond to as many people as I possibly can.

Its 11.15 am here, let me try and finish up unpacking yes I know, it is taking forever. I hope to finish it one day AMEN.

Talk to you later my loves.

Nossybelle out. X


Anonymous said…
Weldone girl. Pz post the link to the Focus t25. Tanks
1 + The One said…
Well done! And thanks for that info! Unfortunately, I eat rice every other day! (If not everyday) and usually I'm like oh I'll work it off but I totally see what you mean.. I have to look for alternatives! xx
nosayaba bello said…
Hi there, i do not have a link but if you email me, ill tell you how to get it.
nosayaba bello said…
Yes love, rice is my best food. i even smile at it when other people are eating it, lool knowing someday soon we will reunite. For now, i have to fall in love with quinoa. There are other rice alternatives. there is brown rice and even black. look it up, and let me know how it goes.
superhumanradio said…
i love rice too!Massive thanks for the helpful info i found on this blogs.inspiring! keep posting thanks!

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