Hello people,

How is everyone doing.

I am fine and adjusting as possibly a i can.

Its been 6days i landed Canada,how time flies.

So i started the Focus T25 Diet, the day after i got here which was monday. Unlike in Nigeria, i don't have a scale at the corner of my bed, so i have to wait to go to the fitness centre across the road  to know what i weigh.

To be honest, that is quite difficult for me, as a scale dependent human being but it just goes to show that anything really is possible. I left my scale purposely back at home in Nigeria and on the several occasions i have gone to the mall, i refuse to purchase one.

Maybe one week will turn into one month, who knows.but i doubt if i can actually stay that long without getting on the scale.

Here, time just goes by so fast, i am having a nice time, thank God my sister is here to take and show me around. my body is still tuned to the Nigerian clock it gets better everyday though. I woke up at 5am today, which is better than my usual 1am.

To the topic of today, Focus T25. i reviewed this diet and exercise plan, in my last 2 posts.I cant remember how i got to finding out about it, but i think it was my random searches.

I must say shaun t took it up a notch this time. 25 mins feel like 50 mins.its high intensity exercises non stop for 2 mins accompanied by two minute stretches after.

The first five days come with a meal timetable which you are supposed to follow. It comprises of five meals a  day, breakfast lunch and dinner and two snacks in-between.

To be totally honest, i haven't followed the diet to the letter, because i don't see myself eating five times a day. I definitely have my smoothy breakfast, and most of the time lunch the struggle comes around dinner time because by 3pm here, Nosa has gone to lie down and sleep because it is 11pm in Nigeria and if per chance i am awake, i am sleep talking or sleep eating. NA WA.u

All through the five day fast, breakfast is a blend of fruit and vegetable smoothies, i have never eaten this many fruits and vegetables in my life. mixing and blending and playing with different kinds of fruits and veggies have been awesome.

I just throw them into the nutri bullet and what ever the end result, i have no choice but to drink it. So far so god.

I have noticed some significant difference since i started the Focus t25 challenge. my tummy feels significantly smaller and even when i eat i do not get unnecessarily over fed, because my food is portioned according to the timetable. I have enjoyed frequent bowel movement, i will atribute that to the fruits and vegetables.

There is alot of squatting in the focus t25 exercise, so that kind of makes my thighs burn, but its ok if its going to make me have a nice firm butter i am up for it. My usual mantra of the end justifies the means sees me through all the lunges,squats,burps and jumping jacks.

So far so good. already looking forward to next weeks regime. In week two, we go off the fastand can eat diffrent variations of food. you also get a 40mpage book showing you meals and meal preps as well. I have had a running tummy in the last 48 hours, my mum think its because i am loading myself with so many fruits and vegetables, and my body will have to adjust to it.

Its 6.30 am, and i am headed downstairs to do my exercise in the freezing i can have a million excuses to stay or even get fatter,but i aint taking any.

Got to go my loves, ill talk to you all later, xoxo.

Nossybelle out.x


Nelly said…
We need pictures! Let's know you r "fine "
nosayaba bello said…
Anonymous said…
Rooting for u dearie....Chef
1 + The One said…
Rooting for you too! What you're doing takes a lot of strength, determination and courge (no doubt) and youre an inspiration!
I pray that you achieve your target weight in record time xxxx
nosayaba bello said…
Thank you baby.kiss kiss
Precy said…
hi Nosa please how can i get this Focus T25 dvd in lagos. i need your help . since i satarted work i cant make it to the gym again and am just adding weight geometrically. ur doing a good job dear

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