God has been so faithful,

For adding another year to my life. This has been a very eventful and wonderful year in my life, I don't even know where to begin to thank God from. He has been awesome, the author and finisher of my fate. The beginning and the end, ever present friend, my helper, my shield, my refuse, and my fortress. I love the LORD and he sure does love me.

Wow, three days later and 500 posts won't begin to magnify my God enough. Thank you Lord Jesus for this past year and this amazing year you have allowed me witness.

My birthday is always a special time of the year for me. I look forward to it from the day after, anticipating the next 364 days and literarily squealing. Every year when I blow out my candles I wished that by that time the following year, I would be stick thin.

Coincidentally my birthday was always around new years day 10 days to specifically.so I would close my eyes so tight when I blow out those candles and promise heaven and myself silently that this time next year, ill have done it. When people see me they will say wow, I will make heads turn and all the other things a little girl dreams of.

By the 1st of the preceding year, I would have started the so-called diet and after like 72 hours I would push it to the next month and that will go on till my next birthday. It was my life, and i was very well used to it.

Same thing happened last year blew out my candles made my wish but not until May 2013 after a very bad experience, I decided that enough was enough and I was going to change my life.

I started my journey on the 21st of May 2013. I was so desperate; that I didn't even take cognizance to the fact that was my birth date. I was desperate at the time, weighing in at 161kg all I wanted to do was get this fat out of my body. I was tired of the humiliation that came with the burden I was carrying, plus all the health implications I was carrying secretly by myself.

Looking back now, I bless God for giving me the grace to carry on on this journey for the past 7 months. It has not been easy at all. There were days when I just wanted to throw in the towel and just give up. But I was able to cry to God and he answered me held my hand and saw me through.

Yesterday I went into a store to get jeans. Normally I wear American size 26 jeans, uk size 30. So I walked into that shop looking for a size 20 pair of jeans my sister handed me the size 18 to try on. I just decided to amuse her and try it on and guess what it went right in. I couldn't believe it. Size 18? 

These are the moments I live for. Even though before then I had gone round the mall eating all sorts of nonsense, I was so elated to be fitting into size 18 jeans. I think the last time I fit into a size 18 i was in like SS2 or 3 I can’t remember. What a beautiful birthday present to myself. 

This journey started 7 months ago on a very significant day at which time I don't even note the significance at that time, all I wanted was top be able to see my waist and probably be able to see my vajayjay visibly and wash it with ease, be able to reach from behind and clean my bum, be able to get up from my bed without picking an angle and trying like 5 times to get up.

I have changed my life, I have changed my story, I don did it. My silent wish, I have brought to life. Tomorrow when I light the candles and blow them out and make that wish this time it will not be for something that I wished would happen this time I would wish that I am able to sustain this beautiful body I am taking time out to build let me use the word -RECONSTRUCT- and I am falling in love with all over again everyday.

This is wishing myself many more years ahead of Gods blessing, good health, long life, prosperity blessings and happiness in Jesus name. Amen...
Happy birthday to CEO, Diary of a foodie. LOOL.

Nossybelle out.x


Anonymous said…
Happy birthday dear
Princess said…
Hello Nosa, i have spent the last two (2) hours going tru u blog, i had tears in my eyes, i laughed, i cried..... your journey has been amazing. My younger sister is quite overweight, i dont even know how to help her, she has turned from a very confident girl to a very insecure girl. I feel really bad about this situation. Nosa Please i need to help my sister.... she's just 19
pumpkin said…
Happy birthday daer,wish u d very best 2day n always.
precy said…
Happy birthday dearie. Wish u many more fruitful years ahead. This time next year God willing u would have reached your goal weight.
Anonymous said…
Hi nosa, I sent you a mail yesterday, am still waiting for your response.

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