Hello guys,  
Greetings to you from Iceland   Canada. I do not know where exactly to start. Is it the 24-hour journey I embarked on to get here? Or waking up to a snowstorm -20 degrees temp and almost 10 cm of snow outside.

All in all I am grateful to God for journey mercies. My flight here was long but beautiful. The highlight of my journey was getting aboard the plane, and trying to use my seat belt and it went round me. WOW. I had to adjust it because it was to long.

I mean can you believe my very own life. Loool. Nosa used just one seat belt. I didn’t have space on my phone, so I couldn’t take a picture very annoying.  It just goes to show you how far I have come.

It used to be so shameful to have to ask the airhostess for extra seat belt hook so the belt would go round me, like they were nice and all but I wondered all the time what was going through their minds. I once saw a movie where a lady was asked to pay for extra seat on the plane or get down.

It was so bloody embarrassing and after that time I just used to pray that I was never in that situation u can just imagine. Everybody watching you get down, and no one need ask because it was pretty obvious why u where being escorted out.

I thank God everyday for this Journey. I imagine if I was still where I used to be and how miserable my life would have been. I probably would have ballooned to 180 kg by now.

Over here, it’s a new ball game entirely. I turned on the TV yesterday and I saw them advertise some exercise program and weight loss exercise tips, and right after the next advert was about the deliciousness of double decker cheeseburger.

Well it was like a sign from above showing me the two sides of the coin and it was up to me to follow whatever route I desired. I said in my last post, that I was not giving myself any days off.

So when I got up this morning, and gave my parents their breakfast, on the side I prepared my strawberry, green grapes, flax seeds strawberry flavored Cambridge shake.(Cambridge gave me a free months supply)& skimmed milk smoothie, which I took as my own breakfast.

I do not have the luxury of slacking off here. I am in danger zone. The morning shows the day, plus its birthday month and Christmas. These two days are just four days apart and I will definitely indulge on both days. So when am doing my focus T25 leg raises, I will be thinking of the 21st & 25th of December respectively.

My sister suggested we don’t have cake on my birthday ehhhhhhhhnnnn I said a big fat “NO” but thinking about it now, maybe I can sacrifice cake on my birthday and Christmas day    and have a cake to usher in the new year. Lets not get excited I am still thinking about it.

My sleep pattern is a mess. I slept when people back home where sleeping and I have being awake since 3am Canadian time. Its about 11.30 am here so that makes it like 7.30pm in naija time all the math’s making my head spin. I am sure in another 4 hours ill start to feel sleepy & then it would just be time for lunch over here.

I miss my old life so much. I really hope and pray that i adjust quickly and smoothly.

All right guys one more thing before I go, I notice people are complaining I don’t reply comments on the blog. Once again I apologies. I try as much as possible to reply as much as I possibly can this also relates to personal messages as well.

This December I am on holiday sort of so feel free to add me up on BBM my pin is 7BB9547A. From now till Jan 3rd 2014 I am available to answer all your questions.

Those who want to join me in the December challenge (refer to my last post), hit me up as well, lets be accountability partners we can do this if we do it together I am so sure. There is till a good four weeks till the end of the year, plus it’s that beginning of the month we all so graciously wait for to start our weight loss journey don’t move it again to January. Lol. Come on lets go.

Let me try and force myself to sleep, or just watch a movie, whichever one. I

ll talk to y’all later my loves.

Nossybelle out.x


Anonymous said…
Thank you for this blog. I recently lost my gym buddy, my dad, since then I always choke when I try and work-out, I've turned into an emotional eater and I have packed on a few pounds which is obvious because I am short. But now I'm very determined to find new routines n ways to stay healthy. Thank you
nosayaba bello said…
oh wow, so sorry about your dad.always remember that he would definitely want you to carry on with your fitness regime, and stay healthy. keep pushing don't give up because success begins at the end of our comfort zone. looking forward to hearing from again. dint give up babes,hugs and kisses.xx
Anonymous said…
Welcome!!! Is this Calgary?
nosayaba bello said…

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