Happy new month every one.

Its the eight month of the year and we are still here. Na baba God noni.

Its four months to christmas. I am happiest at christmas and incidentally i was born in that month as well.

May, June, july and now August my journey continues.

In the last 24 hours, I have struggled with my emotions.

Really i cant place a hand on what the real issue is but i am sure it will pass. It always does.

So this Month, I am going to feature people who have being on this journey as well and have gotten amazing results. They may not necessarily have reached their goal weight but progress is progress.

There will be more of  them and less of me. I want people to see what happens with hard work and dedication.

My friend Nelly is having a challange on her Blog. so visit it to see for yourself. It is called the sugar detox.

She has dedicated a bb group to it since she cant participate because of the cambrige program she is on.She want to see the results from people who will participate for when she plans to start. so visit www.nellyagbogu.blogspot.com to see the food plan.

To the challange of the month. You see those stairs and any other stairs? I am going to be climbing them. My new month resolution is to never miss a day at the gym in AUGUST, then climb up the stairs in my apartment building after the gym everyday. ill do it once in the first week,twice in the second week and four times in the last week of August.

Let me explain. I stay on the 13th floor. so instead of taking the elevator up after the gym ill climb to the top with my legs and then the second week i will go up to the top come back down and go back up again and same applies for the 3rd and 4th weeks.

August, we are going hard. If you dnt have stairs you can take long walks or jog on the spot or better still register at a gym that has a stairmaster, my gym doesnt have the stairmaster so i am incooperating with the stairs in my building which looks like the one in the picture Above.

I am also planning to do a before and after picture for August and september.so when u get to see me in september it will be the first time in a whole month. I just love to keep you guys on your toes.LOL.

Trying as well to work on my bum, so i am going to be doing squats, starting this evening with 50. I told you August is going to be BAD ass (Literarilly)

Go visit the link i dropped above for the meal plan for those of you not on the Cambridge weightloss plan and those who are  if you want to join my training session please make sure you are past your second week and also go at your own pace. I am on the plan i agree but i am an oversabi so dont mind me ooh.

Feeling better than when i started writing this post. I actually had to take a moment to cry i was feeling very low. I have my bad days too i aint no super woman.My blog is my therapy.

Catch you all later.

Nossybelle Out.X



lol @ bad ass,I will be rooting for you! I will not follow the meal plan per say but i will be exercising, taking my shakes and garcinia plus supplement to help control appetite the natural way.

you can check out my blog http://cleanlivingnetwork.blogspot.com/ for more info.
LaNew Fifi said…
My dear Nosa! I know what u mean about emotions, losing weight is not only about our scale, health and clothes, it affects our relationship with others and our selves, that being said take each moment at a time and keep being nice,loving and truthful to ur self. Fitness blender has a squat video I like cos of d variety. Looking forward to hearing others stories

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