Hello Loves,

Hope you all had a good weekend.

I had a good one myself.

Monday has a new meaning for me since i started my cambridge diet.

On Mondays i go into my consultants office and get on the scale and see the pounds fall off.I have done this for 11 weeks.

Today marks the  beginning of the last week of the first stage of my program. If you told me i would get to this week at the beginning i would have laughed at you.

This time on the 20th of May 2013, i had gone to load on all things food to eat to last me for 12 weeks.

Of course i knew it was a ridiculous was my own way of consoling my body.

To tell you the truth, my intention was to do this diet for 5 weeks loose 22kg like my friend who did it had done and be able to eat whatever the hell i wanted after that.

It took me a longer time to loose 22kg but i think it was all in Gods plan. Delay is not denial my friends.

Along the line i began to learn new things about my body and why i should treat it right.

I also started to understand that i was an emotional eater.The first point of call when i had a problem instead of taking it to the lord in prayer was food.

I watched my body metamorphosis from what it used to be, into what it was going to be if i took care of it.

I was able to do things i couldn't do in years, : Lace to my shoes, cross my legs, move faster than a snail, jog, dance, you name it.

I had seen the light. I knew now that food was not the answer except the question was what is not the answer?

Most importantly i had fallen in love,with myself all over again. I decided i am never going to cheat myself again.

I no longer walk past the mirror and look the other way, i look in the mirror amazed by what i am creating everyday through hard work and dedication.

The road has not being an easy one, but i can tell you one thing for sure, its worth every moment of it.

At the end the only thing you will feel is victorious. The bible says in Roman 8;37 "In all things, we are more than conqueror".

I want to encourage everybody going through this journey, little drops of water makes a mighty ocean. You did not gain the weight in one day so you are definitely not going to loose it in one day either.

Decide,Commit, Begin and the sky is your limit.

Its a three day week so right now i am grinning from ear to ear.

Have a wonderful week my loves.

Nossybelle out.x

N.B: I would appreciate feedback on the new look of the blog, i am a work in progress, same with my blog. Let me know if you prefer the new or old template.

I also created a Facebook page : Nosayaba's weight loss journey. Check it out and like my page.Thank you.


nelly agbogu said…
I like ehm come and teach me, I have tried for a while to do the same but never get it right.
And I will advice you put a hyper link to your fan page that way it's easier to like
LaNew Fifi said…
I like it, u know I am a fan of this picture so might be partial, yes put a link to ur Facebook pg, ur page crashed a couple of times before I could access then again might be Z10

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