Hello Darlings,

How are you all doing?

The past few weeks have being an emotional roller coaster for me for one reason or the other, but some how on Tuesday, i decided to let go and let God and i have felt light as a feather since then.

Guess what? I feel ill on Monday and so i had to EAT!! yes, the emotional trauma was real yo. I had to have a slice of chicken, as i was swallowing it i wanted to just weep.

My sister, and my friend were present to this ordeal and you could see the annoyance on their faces when i told them my fear of swalloing that chicken slice the anger in their eyes, i jeyjeyly swallowed my thing because i had actually taken my drugs on an empty stomach.

These people dont even know. I am a foodie, i love to eat, my fear was that the chicken will spike a loud halleluyah in my food sensors and i will go wild.I guess i have learnt to control myself and my body which is something to be proud of.

Okay so basically, i had to go see a doctor, i was having one sided headaches and my right eyes were blood shot red. I instantly thought that i was having a stroke (drama queen).

My first instinct was to go and take my blood pressure.........ghen ghen. at 160kg let me explain to you how my pressure was taken. We needed three people including the doctor. my arms were as fat as the lap of an average 16 year old teenage girl so that black belt naturally did not go round it.

It was always a grusome and humiliating process. two nurses would have to clamp down my hands and hold unto the black flap while another held my hand steady,the reason for this was that my arms were so fat that as they were pumping my pressure,the belt kept busting open. The HORROR

It is so amazing that at my heavest and now i have always had a healthy blood pressure. We bless God. Some times i would even hold my breath maybe i felt if i stopped breathing the hand will reduce, i dont even know where that thought of madness came from.

So on Monday when i walked into the office to take my blood pressure i told the doctor plain and clear that thing aint gonna go round my arms, if you are going to use that instead of the digital one, you will need two assistants and he gave a huge loud laugh and asked me how fat i thought i was.

It was then 'I REMEMBERED" that this was a totally new being. I can now do normal,be normal maybe if i let him try, it would fit. Try he did, and like a glove the belt fit my arms. Those little moments of victory can NEVER get old. Something regular sized people do on a normal day without thinking. I had to mentally prepare myself for it.

I no longer walk into a place and feel like an artifact that people stare at,even in the market my igbo ninja tortoise guys that used to constantly shout chineke and put their hands on their heads when i walk by now just ignore me and go about their normal business. I am begining to fit into the group called NORMAL.

This is the new me, my new life. I have fought, still figthing and wether i like to disregard the fact most of the time, i have come a very long way and so today i say i am "PROUD"  of the woman i have become and becoming.

People contact me on a daily basis asking questions wanting to know how i carry on, asking for advice, i even have some people who have gone on cambridge weightloss plan through my encouragement, i call them my babies and every week when i hear how many pounds they take off my heart and soul is full of joy.

Three months ago, i decided to change my life, do something about my situation, i would normally be the first to cheer on those who had lost weight, marvel at their transformation pictures. Now its my turn to inspire people and its just something out of this world, the feeling cannot be described.

I Remember how things used to be and i thank God.

I am off people.Today is going to be a long day but hey its Friday so evrything is perfect in the world.

Have a nice weekend lovies.ttyl

Nossybelle out.X


Anonymous said…
So proud of you booboo. Keep doing your thing and remember that no matter what you choose to do, we have your back now and forever! I remain ur loyal wanna be P.A. Lol.(Iya alayo) Xxx
Anonymous said…
Atta girl! Btw the dude in that picture is hot! I know you know who this is. ;)
nosayaba bello said…
lmao i shake my head for you? olodo oshi....
tare said…
Proud of you
Anonymous said…
Quick recovery dear

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