Hello dudes and dudettes.
How was the holiday? Mine was amazing.

I cheated very well this holiday..Omawunmi is going to kill me.

I had pepper soup water and garden egg and yesterday night i went downstairs and sat down in the fridge eating tomatoes and cucumber.

Today is sunday,and all i can think about is avocado. its still early on in the day, so lets hope it passes.

Despite the fact that i have broken the cambridge rule and eaten all these things this holiday, i couldn't help but think about the choices i made.

Last night when i went to get those things from the fridge, there was also ice-cream cake, and plantain and beans and rice , in fact, the freezer was full but i knew i had a choice to make and fast too and i decided to do the right thing.

Do i feel bad that i ate tomatoes and cucumber well yes a little bit because i have come this far and have been in charge all through nonetheless i am proud of myself that in the mist of all the other wrong choices i could have made i decided to go for the healthiest one.

Aside from my cheating ways, i also had a wonderful weekend and i RESTED from the stress of work.

My aunty hadn't seen me in the three months i started cambridge. When i walked into the house, she got up and started to scream and shouting. she said she had being seeing all my pictures and blog post but she couldn't believe what she was seeing in real life she continued to call me beautiful for the rest of the day.

Same with other visitors who came to the house, who said they had all, noticed something different about me and that i looked very beautiful.

I had also ordered some clothes which i told you guys about earlier on. I went to get my box yesterday i had begrudgingly ordered a size 22 because i felt ooh well am on a weight loss journey i will continue to strive and some day i will enter a size 22.

I opened my box with shaky hands and started to try my clothes on. They all fit like a glove. size 22???

I couldn't believe it. in fact the kind of fitting is the type that in another 2 weeks they will all be useless and big to me this is actually a very good problem.LOOOOL!!!! I am also almost fainting literarily that i will soon be fitting into a UK size 20. I am approaching a time where i will be able to go into any shop and find a dress.OH GOD, Lets just move on.

I Tried on my cousins size 20 jeans, and they were my size. I argued with her that they would never fit and she said Nosa try them on. The excitement as those jeans passed through my thighs and got to the part where it buttoned????????Inexplicable.

just so that i did not scream the house down i just took the jeans off and kept quiet. size 20?? i used to wear jeans that igbo boys had put together with jeans material as my size was no longer in the market.

Let me not even dwell on that so that the excitement doesn't kill me.

My weekend was eventful and full of excitement.

I said i wasn't going to show u guys any pictures of myself eh, but i just couldnt resist.

see below, in pictures, the weekend that was.







It is a new dawn for me people and i can only thank God..

Got to go my loves, catch you later.

Nossybelle out.X


Demilade said…
Proud or PROUD!? Inspired or INSPIRATION of Life!!! I don't even know what to say!
CONGRATULATIONS NOSA!!! CONGRATS! Before I start blabbing.....
Anonymous said…
Yu just wowed me darln!!a new dawn indeed!!mor grace dr...& btw luv yur hair*kisses**...Ire
Anonymous said…
You are so gorgeous. Fab fab fab. See you tomorrow hun. I'm not even going to comment on the cheating part. We'll keep it moving. Mowumi xx
Anonymous said…
You are so gorgeous. Fab fab fab. See you tomorrow hun. I'm not even going to comment on the cheating part. We'll keep it moving. Mowumi xx
nosayaba bello said…
Lmaooooo I am afraid to see ur face tommorow
nosayaba bello said…
Lmao Demi. Thank you so much boo . Glad u still come here 😘
nosayaba bello said…
Thank you my love 😘😘😘😘
zeeme Osh said…
U look amazing darlyn....muahhhh
miss lady said…
Proud of u nosa
nosayaba bello said…
Kisses boo think u my baby
Anonymous said…
You look amazeballs!!!!! You look wonderful.. You're such an inspiration. i started the Cambridge weight plan and i couldnt pull through. im 40kg from my goal and i dont even know where to begin!!!! Help!!!!
Anonymous said…
Omg trust u r a huge inspiration jst got back de zeal 2 start excrisin "ost mad ass weight unda 3mnths and in btw ur pretty No Homo
Anonymous said…
Found ur blog thru nelly's dp. Just went thr all ur posts, I most commend you. Am really inspired .

Keep it up
nosayaba bello said…
thank you. how do i get in touch? my email addy is

send me an email and we will take it from there.bless you.
nosayaba bello said…
thank u so much? keep fighting, keep pushing. you can mail me

Anytime. x
Anonymous said…
Nosa this is so good, u re so beautiful. U re doing good work and u re a great encouragement. I really appreciate God for u. I encourage u to Keep up the journey. I'm so inspired dat I'm gonna start my own journey too. God bless u

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