How is everybody doing?

I am having a very busy busy day going in and out of meetings.

Something happened over the weekend which i decided not to talk about here.

Infact, i had totally ignored the whole situation completely until someone just ticked me off.

My friend nelly wrote a post saying that she wanted to make a meal plan and sell it.

People went all out on her that she was still obese at 120kg and had not finished loosing the weight,so how can she sell a plan she had never tried.

To be fair everyone is entitled to their opinion but the picture up there clearly shows u how i feel about opinions. If i dont ask u dont give it.

So when people went out hard spending the four day holiday cursing me and nelly out, i dont know what my own is in the matter sha, some even came from nelly's blog down to my page here to insult me, if u go through my vagaina monologues post u can see comments.i just ignored them.

Afterall i was winning in the race. This wasn't like the days or times where i would be insulted and i will sit down and cry and turn to food.

I was doing something about my life so i was laughing through it all.

Today i visited nelly's blog  and again someone brought up my name and because this time even though she tried to hide through the annonymous tag, she gave herself away with a very common statement she uses when talking to me.

Immediately i recognised it was someone i knew, i went all out in my reply.

Some may ask why? after almost a week you were able to resist. why today?

Let me tell you why. The other people who had being abusing me, i dint know them, or so i taught. so their insults and hatred and anger was just so irrelevant it was all comedy to me.

This person who went to post that nasty comment on nelly's blog is all FAT, and really struggling to loose the weight you will think that she will understand right? but hell NO.

She came out swinging, writng rubbish under the guise of annonymous.KMT.

On sunday in church i learnt about jealousy and envy.

Jealousy is when people want to have what you own and envy is when they think you do not deserve what you have. I will leave her to decide which ever one is really her problem.

It took me 11 days after i wrote my 1st post to eventually make it live for people to read.

This was the fear i had, the world is full of evil wicked people who never have anything good to say.

If tommorow i become a size 12, they will still reign curses on themeselves not me. There is no pleasing human beings so i will never ever try.NEVER!!!

My journey has not being all fun and games or rosy as u may percieve, there are the really crazy and bad days. Days when i cry, i fight with my mind and tell myself that i am more than a conqueror, that he that is me is greater than he that is in the world and that i can do all things christ who strengthens me.

I get up i carry on and i fight, not just for me, but for the people whose lives i know i am affecting in one way or the other.

The early realisation that this journey is no longer just about me has kept me on track.

People reach out to me everyday saying thank you that in itself is more than enough.

No doubt once in a while, there will be the naysayers, the backbitters, the haters, people waiting for me to fall and for everytime i remember they exist i fight 10 times harder.  Sometimes i still say thank you to my detractors for forcing me to fight for my life.

As i round off for the day i feel nothing but joy in my heart. I know i am figthing a good fight,singing a new song and i know that at the end of the day it will only


See you soon my loves. its wednesday and i am off to church.

Nossybelle out. X


Anonymous said…
Well well well! Nosa!!!! You kept me up all through last night reading your blog right from the very first post!!!! I must say I am impressed, amazed and at the same time excited! You inspire peeps! Its been ages though, but last night I stunbled on your blog! Keep it up! Osinor
nosayaba bello said…
osinor, awwwwwww thank u my love for reading all of them. loool.

i am glad i can inspire people. God bless you.
kozantie said…
Am big too Nosa..I truly commend ur effortz..u andNelly totally inspire me buh in as much as I knw human beings can b hatefl,crass and evritnnice,I totally don't like d fact d@ u label evn pple who gv candid opinions outta love naysayers,backbiterz and Go ahead do wiv ma opinion wats on ur 2centz aniways and stl love and apric8 ur hustle
nosayaba bello said…
loool, thank u kozantie.

Anonymous said…
My darling Nosa, I need you to know that you are doing well for yourself and YES you are impacting the lives of some people positively. Criticism will definitely come but the best decision you have made is to use it(criticism) as a stepping stone to your destination. You have shown over the weeks how bold and courageous you are and continue in this light. Remember, it is all about YOU!!! I love you always. Kiss kiss.
Nosy's all really gonna end in praise thing I ve learnt in life is dt if pple ain't talking den u really ain't doing it get up...knock der socks off nd show them all dt u re more Dan want dey fink or feel....u ve bin amazing nd truly inspiring nd Neva Neva let anyone tell u otherwise....... Luv one of ur biggest cheerleaders

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