Slow and steady

Hi peeps.

The whole of yesterday. I was feeling constipated and  i just wanted to flush my system out and get rid of the rubbish in my tummy.

I asked my "FRIEND"  lmao and she gave me one tea to use two bags and add sweetner. The tea was really nice which made her think i was wierd.

After having it, i waited and waited and nothing happened and then buzzed her to say the tea was crap as it was not working. She said i should hold on. So hold on i did.

At 3am , awoken by the rummble in my belly i ran to the toilet and thats where i have been since. stooling only God knows what as i havnt eaten in 12 weeks.

My hands are quivering, and the whole office is as cold as moscow. I even had to send my boss a private mail to tell him that "situation oh critical".

My friend is so worried that i will collapse if i dont eat but hey i am very excited to see what my scale will tell me this evening when i get home. I am such a wierdo.

To the post of today, sitting aloof in the office staring into space and for a moment i decided to calculate how many pounds i have lost so far and realised that 10kg from now, i would have lost "100 pounds".

"100 pounds", wooow.. when i started my journey 13 weeks ago, the first time i got on the scale and saw 7kg i was so marvelled i felt lke it wa 70kg. I still remember how excited i was.

Today all i think about after 31kg is when will i get to -70kg? but thats life...we bask in the moment and then we want to move on to something else immediately.

By this time next month, i definantely will wish i was 10kg less what ill weigh at that time.

I used to hate the words perseverance and long suffering but my dears i have had to stick to the two words like glue. I have persevered and suffered long.

There are days when i want to give up and say u know what now u have a neck, a booty, hell u can see ur vagaina again throw in the towel, 30kg is ALOT.

I told my consusltant that after loosing 100 pounds ill still be FAT,and i am sure she would have slapped me if i were standing beside her. She believes i am too hard on myself.

Guess what? I have to be because the moment i begin to see what marvels everyone else then i will get be in trouble.

Dnt get me wrong, i know i look way better than what i used to look like but i am still at the stage where i am ordering a size 24 shirt instead of an 18.

I see pictures yes and i am amazed, but the moment u take those things away i am back to seeing  a fat girl standing there right infront of me.

I see it as a blessing. God doesnt want me to feel i have gotten to my safety net. He wants me to keep going, to keep figthing and keep pushing.

If you are out there struggling with your weight,Please dont give up.

The road to sucess is very rough.You need to push yourself as hard and as far as you can.

This August, i am learning to train my feeble mind. Aside from my inability to not post up a picture this month till september,shaking my head at myself, i am too vain.....

I am very proud to say i have actually kept to my August challange very diligently.

Aerobics,Running, climbing the stairs, doing squats. Like i said earlier it is not even as easy as it sounds here.Even if the scale is not moving as fast as i want it to my body is going in the direction i want it to so, we are winning in one front and i think its the important one at that.

Truth is the 'End justifies the means" . always always always.

Keep on keeping on my dears.

I am running off to the toilet still pudging. kisses my loves

Nossybelle out.x


Iyunoluwa said…
Hope u r feeling better now, it is well. So so happy for you dear
Anonymous said…
Wow.....I must say....ur rili beautiful.. U guyz r so much inspiration to me

Jane said…
Hello nosa, pls I need ur Email address.
nosayaba bello said…
hello jane,

my email addy is

looking forward to hearing from you.x

nosayaba bello said…
yes my love i do feel better. Thank you.kisses

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