Hello people,

How was the weekend? Mine was short but amazing.

My little sister came in yesterday from Canada for our other sisters wedding. We have just about 3 weeks to the wedding so we are all so excited.

I hadn't seen my sister in 8months. Yesterday at the airport, i needed to give her money for her trolley. Last time she saw me i was 161.5kg,

As she walked towards me, i was so excited i was screaming her name and waving, she was giving me this look like who the hell is this freak? but kept walking towards me. When she got up close she screamed and jumped on me.

She said she was wondering who the weird lady screaming her name was and said aww Nosa u look so THIN???? Nobody has ever used that word on me before. LOOL. She said my pictures do me no justice that i looked way smaller on ground.

I felt really GREAT. I had gone to the gym that morning, mutilated my body with exercises of all kinds, right after ran into the market and finally to the airpot to go get my sis.

Naturally, my body was sore allover, 3months ago, i would have not had the capacity or the energy to do half of the things i did yesterday. At 161.5 Kg it was a struggle to even get out of bed talkless of go to the market (That used to be hell). READ HERE.

I have taken charge of my life and the reward of doing this keep pouring in everyday.This journey is far from easy but everyday i realise it is ABSOLUTELY worth it.

You see the road to success is very narrow and filled with all sorts of obstacles. I always relate my weight loss journey to that of people like barrack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, Steve jobs to name a few.

One thing all these men have in common, was that they never took their eyes of the price. They knew what they wanted and they went for it and thats exactly what i am doing.                            

In the last week a lot of people have asked me what my target or goal weight is. I want to be half of my current size right now that is 65kg.

The truth is, i actually just want to be able to maintain an active healthy life style i never ever want to be a prisoner in my own body ever again. who said i cant go back to being 160 kg again if i go back to my old life style.

In the real sense, loosing weight is not the hard part, maintaining the weight is where the hard work really starts.

Last week i upped my exercise game. I increased my running sped to 6.0 and my time to 30 mins.

My goal this week is to alternate between speed 6.0 and 7.0 at an incline of 2.0 so help me GOD.

Ill let u know how that goes. I am beginning to fall in-love with exercise again and the feeling is amazing.

I am learning to love the BURN. I never look forward to going to the gym, because the pain is real yo,but when i do its always so intense. I was suposed to visit the gym this evening but i decided to chill, my oversabi is just too much plus tomorrow is another day.

I am asking God for something really huge this week, and i ask you all to join me in prayer about this huge thing.LOOL.

I am off guys, see you all Leras.

Nossybelle out.X


zeeme Osh said…
Amen to what you are asking God for..HE never fails. U look amazing my darlyn, May God give u the strength to keep going on. Meanwhile everyone being telling me 'Nosa is doing well oo' Av u seen her recently?...a lot of us her happy for and with u, welcome to the Lepas club!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Wow..U have done well Miss Bello...I know your eyes are set on the price and i pray God gives u the grace to accomplish your goal..U have done really well...Congrats!!
Anonymous said…
Prince said…
Nosa Bello Looking Hawt
Emma said…
You are an inspiration........
Tony said…
Wow..lovely girl...keep it up
Anonymous said…
Damn..Our friendship fit nor work again oh...i need more!!! niceee gurl.
Anonymous said…
So encouraging..thanks alot for sharing
Big Prick said…
hmmmm....u de try sha
Anonymous said…
I couldn't even believe it was u when I saw u....... I had to hide my
facial expressions..... ur doing it... Its just a matter of time...

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