Hello my darlings ,

                                                            Oleku Kind of sunday.

How are you all doing? Hope your weekend was good?

Mine was amazing. I spent most of the weekend, doing nothing really. LOL

I just love it when I don’t have to go to work sincerely. I’d rather just relax abeg.

So as the post implies it’s being 8weeks..

Wow, when I started this journey on the 21st of May, I was desperate. I needed away out of that body. I was tipping the scale at 161 Kg. something in my soul knew that this was It.

Nobody had an opinion, because I did not tell anyone what I was doing. That’s me for you, when I really want to do something, I do not talk about it I just swing into action and the result speaks for it self.

Today, I am going to blog in pictures. Enjoy. peep my before and after pics on the journey so far below.


                                      I actually thought i killed this dress on the left!!!!
                               I went for a job interview on the left!!LMAO..EPIC FAIL
                                    Hello Ma, can we have your neck please????
  NO, I was NOT pregnant!!!!!!!!!
                                  Funny the left is a month ago.CRAZY EYES AGAIN!!!

It’s being 8weeks and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.

Cheers to my new lifestyle.

Catch you all soon.

Nossybelle out.xx


Tweety said…
I am sooooo proud of u darlyn! May God strengthen u!
Tweety said…
Someone just said u r a superwoman, I agree! Omo see hips ooooo!!!!!! Last pic!!!!!
nelly agbogu said…
Diva in the making! Loving ur second pic
Anonymous said…
My best pic is the black and white dress. You look so fabulous. Work it girl. Welldone. Mowumi xx
chiny iheje said…
U really look great. Keep ıt goıng.gud luck
Iyunoluwa said…
Beautiful! Proud of u Nosa! Keep it up!
Anonymous said…
Love from canada

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