Hello people,

How has your day being? Mine has being busy but nice as well. 

Planning a wedding can be very very hectic, the stress and build up only for one day is crazy, But to say the truth, i am having fun. 

I am actually shrinking and i think it’s the stress. I am more stressed than the bride. My sister in all honesty has always had a calm demeanor and she just can’t kill herself likewise the husband. They just want to marry and move on with their stress.

After my last post, my mum took her time to comment on my post. i was so excited and i felt so blessed, that i decided to write this post. That woman is a sweetheart. i bless God for sending me through her into this world.

Through all of my weight loss journeys, my parents have being there for it the one i start and stop after a week, or i even go on for up to three months. They are there.

My support system has being absolutely amazing. My sisters are my biggest cheer leaders. i am sure if i lose 0.1 kg they will make it seem like 40kg. Then i am lucky to still have maternal grandparents. Who will say things like “where is Nosa?” when i walk into the room, pretending not to recognize me and then saying “oh there you are, i dint recognize you. You are disappearing”.Lool so cute.

These little things make me go on. On days when I am so tired and down I feel like giving up.

Then let’s go to my friends. God in heaven knows that i am the luckiest when it comes to friends. I have never had a bad one ever in my life. The way they show love to me, it is so amazing. They are the first to jump on my blog, call me after posts, update their status with my before and after pictures.

People i am blessed with a support system that is incomparable.

Most of these people have being there from the days of 174 kg till now.

The other day, my best friend did the sweetest thing ever, which i am so sure he was very unaware of

He had come to see me, and normally when i walk him to the gate he uses the pedestrian side walk. Remember what I said about the pedestrian walk.HERE

As we approached the gate, he smiled and said i remember what you said on your blog about that gate. Instead of going to the pedestrian gate he walked up to the main gate and waited for them to open it for both of us.

I was like oh wow, thank you God for good people.

why am i telling you this?,i have being lucky to have these kind of people around me, so sometimes when people complain about the evil that walk on the surface of this earth as humans berating their efforts be it in weight loss or whatever it is that they are doing, i tend not to totally understand.

I guess i don’t get it. Maybe if i had naysayers i probably would get it. trust me people, i ain’t gonna condone NO SAYERS OF ANY NAY around me. Those who know me know that straight from heaven i was gifted with a mouth sharper than a two edged sword.

Finally never underestimate the power of a great support system. In anything you do in life, make sure to surround yourself with positive people and people who want to see you do well. 

Any time you notice that someone around you, on opening of their mouth anytime produces flit, rid yourselves of such people.

Let me leave you with a simple quote.

People will hate you for succeeding at the things they failed at. Forgive them anyway.

Talking about support, one of my friends the beautiful Tomi Awoyemi is contesting in the Miss Nigeria pageant representing Miss Bauchi.
Kindly visit HERE  and like her page to get her into the top 15.God bless you all.

Getting ready for church, I can’t wait. Toodles my loves.

Nossybelle out.x


Nachos said…
Awwww Nosa....u r my 'thinspiration' u look amazing in your BBM dp. If u ever feel like giving up jst remember that u r an inspiration to Nachos :D
Anonymous said…
Honestly dearie you are looking so amazing already. Dont give up o,cant beliv my eyes, so u can do dis.thumbs up to u. Go girl, go Nosa. Cant wait to see u, Antie N, Abj
Amenze said…
Lol, Nosa I'm actually stressed o. Glad to be part of your support system :D. You are doing great!!
nosayaba bello said…
thank you my boo thang
Ehi B said…
Looool. I see auntie nana commented. In Jesus name, this useless comment will post. Keep going sister. Almost there now. Let me go and even buy your size 12 tops.
Ehi B said…
Looool. I see auntie nana commented. In Jesus name, this useless comment will post. Keep going sister. Almost there now. Let me go and even buy your size 12 tops.
nosayaba bello said…
Lmaooo ehi she did, with the alias Aunty N from Abuja . I laughed so hard at that 1... Imma keep in going. Countdown to sept 7th

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