Hey my Darlings.

Truth be told, i wasn't going to write a post today until tomorrow. but i remembered there will be no scale victory tomorrow, i decided this month to focus more on my body than on the scale so i am not going to be weighing myself till the 28th of this month.

Not to say the temptation has not being overwhelming, but tomorrow i am going to back the scale while my consultant weighs me in and i will do that for the next three weeks.let me not lie,i hope i dnt turn and face that scale tomorrow. I can be very hyper and paranoid.

This weekend was all kinds of amazing.i got an invite to the Miss Nigeria pageant which held last night .

I wore this navy blue dress that has sat in my locker for over 6 months due to size barriers ,black kitten heels and accessorized with pearls.Need i say i looked beautiful.i went with my size zero model friend. As we approached the red carpet, my friend was like we are going to do Red carpet oh ,i did not even answer her self .

Let me tell you what happens normally at these events. I dress all fly and shee looking like a million box. i leave the house feeling all Good. as soon as we approach the red carpet all i will hear is sorry excuse me please can i take your picture?off course they are talking to my skinny friends.they will then proceed to ask me to shift or even worse still help my friend hold their bags.

So yesterday when my friend and i walked into the intercontinental hotel and got on the red carpet and i heard the usual, excuse me please, can i take your picture? i had stretched my hand out ready to help my friend carry her bag as per usual and the photographers signaled to me i had to look back to see if it was me they where actually talking to and yes it WAS.

My people if i know say people go notice me i for practice picture pose for legs where shaking because i also went in heels thanks to my tiny friend who forced me but after the first two clicks i knew i had to own this moment.and like a natural pro that i was born to b. I smiled and owned the moment

It felt really good, I am coming into my own. so many new experiences are going to come with this journey,this is only the beginning.

speaking about new experiences,there was this dress i absolutely loved, which has being under my bed for a year.At the beginning of this Cambridge plan, i brought it out and hung it as something i want to fit into before the year ends. in was cleaning out my closet yesterday and i saw this dress and something told me to try it and it FIT. I ALMOST FAINTED.
          NOW                                            7 WEEKS AGO

I took a before picture of the dress when i started my journey and i am going to post it here for you all to see and be the judges.

Things are happening to me that i thought i would never experience and could only dream about.

Don,t give up.Keep going you are almost there.

got to go my loves, Ttyl.

Nossybelle out.x



zeeme Osh said…
Awww....u looked beautiful my darlyn:*
behi osuide said…
NOSA!!!u can't change...u want to kill mi with laugh.u look fab..keep up d good work,so proud of u..xoxo
dimeji said…
Flaunt some skin for your next shots :*
Tweety said…
I am so proud of u my darlyn Diva!
Maryam said…
Go girl! I cant wait to see you my darling. Kiss kiss.
Iyunoluwa said…
Beautiful! Keep it up!

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