Hey boo's

                                             THIS IS WHAT HAPPINESS LOOKS LIKE

How has your day being?

I know i know, my phone has being buzzing off the hook uncontrollably.

Everybody wants to know the number ...looool

Singing.. "am gonna make you sweat, sweat till you can can sweat no more" tease me tease me tease me baby.hahahaha.

So y'all know that i havnt being looking at the scale right? Today after 4 weeks celebrating my non scale victory for the month of July which was awesome by the way, i decided to look at the scale and trust me, I amost tipped over.
I screamed so loudly my consultants neigbours came out to find out if everything was ok. I got  way more than i expected.

Everybody is anxious right? I know so i am going to tease you a bit and play a game.

Now i started this Non scale victory on the 3rd of July and i went in to weigh myself today the 29th of July. The game goes as follows.

Whoever guesses how much weight i have lost correctly will be taken on an all expense paid dinner for two by me OR a movie date depends on the winner to choose either of the two.

people have begged me for clues so let me make it a little bit more fun. I am not yet in the 120's but pretty pretty close.......hope this helps.

So tell as many people as possible to come try their luck.

Drop your guessed figure in the comment section with ur NAME written boldly underneath even if you comment as annonymous not to worry just write your NAME after you comment. That way when i announce the winner it will be with your name.Remember you can comment as Annonymous but leave your name.

you can also email me at with your answers or send a text with your figures to 08179591586. Text please i am at work except you want them to fire me and then i will be depressed and eat back to 160 Kg's.

So many ways to send in your answers.ill be waitiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggg!!!!!!

All the best my loves and may the best man or woman win....

Catch you all Later .

P.S I have more goodnews to share with you guys. LoL Its a great day this one.

Nossybelle out.X


Anonymous said…
133kg. Efe
precy said…
131kg. Precy
nelly agbogu said…
1kg! Lol guess I can't participate. Congrats babe! You are now firing my ass! Lol.
Quick one share, if there is more than one winner nko?
Olayinka said…
131.4kg as whispered to me by the Holy Ghost. Lol. Congrats girl. More oil to ya elbow. Sumptuous
nosayaba bello said…
Thanks my darlyn.. Mir than one winner I will work something out dnt worry... I will post the correct weight by evening .... And nooooo u can't participate
Obj said…
131.56kg specifically lol. I'm too proud of u mehn.

Iyunoluwa said…
132kg or .5... *dancing* for you Nosa! I don't even care if I win! As long as the figures keep dropping! It'll surely end in praise!
nosayaba bello said…
lmao sumptous, you have killed me with laughter, the holy spirit told u..i am crying
nosayaba bello said…
thank you my darlyn....
nosayaba bello said…
thank you my sweetheart..hehehe
zeeme Osh said…
131.1.....*Rolling eyes*
Anonymous said…
134kg...miss lady
nosayaba bello said…
lmaoo why e dey pain you abeg?
Nachos said… my mind I'm spot on looool
131.5kg lol.. so glad i found this blog. please i want a gift ooo, whether i got it or not.

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