Hello everybody,

Hope your feeling fine.

Its been a very busy day as per normal level. I cant wait for the weekend and its only tuesday.

Yesterdays weigh in euphoria hasnt left me. I am still basking in my 134.6kg glory.

Who knew that i would go from 160-150-140- 130 and now i am minutes a way from 120kg's.

Thinking about it blows my mind. Like last night i asked myself "Nosa, IS THIS REALLY YOU"?

Those of you who have followed this blog closely will know how it all started in the beginning. Where i came from.

A place of hoplessness, where even i doubted that anything will ever be able to be done about my weight.

On the 19th of May 2013 when i walked into my consulatatnts office, i had just downed two sausage rolls from sweet sensation and a plate of jamaican jerk chicken. On my way to sanusi fafunwa i stopped to buy MORE food.

11 weeks into my journey peoiple are constatntly asking me how i did it. Especially those closest to me who know how much i love to EAT.

Mehn i could eat. I could feast alone on 12 chicken wings and still have space for fish masala and chips with coke and when i had a 1 hr nap, ill spread my oldenburger butter on my pretsels add a slice of ham and guzzle it down with yet another coke.

Back in England no body cared how big you are trust me, whatever size you were, you could just go to the american sites and order hideously larger clothes to your room in England.

Life was good. I was eating so i was living. Well so i thought.

Realisation hit me when i got home to find everybody starring at me like a museum building housing old artifacts.

I will blame it on the Nigerian factor of how people where so illetrate and never minded there business.

On one of my days at home, i took a drive to Ikoyi club to buy suya and i just decided to stroll into the gym. I got on the industral scale and the needle refused to stop it was approaching 200kg.

When it finally stopped it rested on 174kg.

AT 174 KG.(Not my baby thou.LOL!)

What? Me? 174 kg? I went back to my car and wept.The next day i decided to start the gym and it wasn't easy. I coulsd see the disgusted look i got from people at the gym.

How did this one  get to this point? I kept to myself because i knew what i wanted from my journey. Four months after i started i lost 20kg brining me down to 154 kg.

I had amassed a mountain of cheerleaders and a massive support group at the gym. So much so that these people will call me on the days i missed the gym and threathen to make my next session hell if i dnt go in. they became my family.

A month after i had a problem with my eyes and i had to go for an operation and then the gym stopped. I got a job immediately after and i couldn't balance both so i stopped going to the gym all together.

That was in Sept 2012. Some how i balloned back to 161.5kg.

In eight months i had gained 7kg.

I would constantly struggle at this point, using my eyes which i operated on as an escuse why nothing could be done about my weight. I always had this conviction in my Spirit that i had to do something but i ignored it.

I had cried myself to sleep on the 18th of May which was the Friday night before i made the decision that enough was enough. After an encounter at work which was weight related had occured and i decided that day to change my life.

So when i walked into that office it was 50/50 for me. I met my consultant Omawunmi i wouldn't call her my consultatnt  anymore, because she is now way more than that. She has physically held my hand through this journey.

On week 4 when i lost justb 1.3kg i told her that i was going to quit and she told me something that i have held onto till date.

I was 12.3 kg down and she said Nosa just because you lost 1.3 kg that shouldn't make you quit. imagine if you loose 1.5kg every week for the next 8 weeks and add to this 12 kg you would have done a great job.

When i did the Maths that was 12kg more and believe me i was hooked. The next week i went in and i lost 2.2 kg and the rest is History.

I love you Omawunmi. Every week when i walk into that office, i see how happy you are for me, how much my progress makes you happy. When its a good day you hold my hands and When its bad you do same. You have become more than just a consultant. I should dedicate a post specially for you. LOOL.

The reason i have taken time to write this message is to Let everybody Know that no matter how many times you fail,it doesnt matter dust yourself up and try try try try try and try again.

Nothing in life comes easy, there will be tears,blood and sweat but the end will forever justify the means. you will see your hardwork pay off .

This is not only for those going through weightloss.Whereever you are reading this blog, whatever it is you are doing, no matter what the world says or how many times you have failed, get up and begin to fight again.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Impossible is nothing. 11 weeks ago i was 161.5kg, obese, at the risk of a heart attack or even stroke or flat out dying in my sleep.

Today i stand tall, looking and feeling fabulous at 134.6kg which is still not a healthy body weight, but the journey continues.

I am Happier, I am healthier, I am wiser.

I hope this story inspires someone who is out there and about to give up. Keep figthing, dont give up.

Talk to you soon my darlings. I love you all.

Love and Light.

Nossybelle Out. x


nelly agbogu said…
Ok am touched! Wow! That before pic is jaw dropping.
But as you know and I have written in my blog it is ending in praise!
Good one buddy! Very good one.
nelly agbogu said…
Nosa, I think I need to comment again, lol
People don't always know how hard it is to be big or lose a pound.
When I first spoke to you, I had a strange connection with you and God never brings people to me unless they are blessing me or am blessing them.
God has used our story to tell people they can.
We are crashing the weight badly and it's marvelous in God's eye.
Thank God for the day you decided to share your journey.
I know you will say you took a cue from me to change your life but trust me when I say you motivate me.
No forget to send ur slim shady pics to me every morning lol.
People! Never loose hope!
It will end in praise pata pata
Anonymous said…
I assume you are on the cambridge diet Nelly. How does one get a consultant in Lagos and can u disclose approximately what their fee is and the duration. Thank you.
nelly agbogu said…
Nosa can link you to her consultant.
Nosa over to you
Anonymous said…
I post this comment amidst tears. Aww Nosa love you too but what you don't know is you're your own motivator. Your determination and strength is unbelievable. Sometimes I don't feel proud to be a consultant because I admit I can be very un serious but that has not stopped you for one day. You strive on. I am Soooo proud of you and I'm not going to stop this journey with you. We are in it together girl. Congratulations my darling. Mowumi xx
Anonymous said…
Well Done Nosa!!! Am cheering you every step of the way, May God guide you on this journey!!! Alo *kisses*
Anonymous said…
Madam Mowumi, how does one get a consultant. Please can I know d fee and duration. I'm d same person that asked above
Zee said…
Kudos...well done...well said
Anonymous said…
Big ups to you Nosa darling! Am so proud of you. Please keep up okay! Thanks for your words of motivation. God bless you loads..Susan
Nachos said…
Wow Nosa! Well done!!! Gosh u r starting to look a lot like a mix of ur 2 sisters. U look great
Anonymous said…
Hey Nosa I must applaud u for a good job done, I know it wasn't easy but u can see how it feels,when it comes to journeys such as this you have got to have patience to keep at it, it means not getting angry or giving up. It is the determination to wait and achieve the goal set.You have to be willing to change if you want to improve, when your mind is determined noting is impossible.Big Hug Babes keep it (Issey PH CWP consultant)
Anonymous said…
Please call 08074870841 or 07098501576 to speak to a consultant xxx
aleemah said…
Babe....u ve reduced hapi for u.kip it up.God is ya strenght .
thedawn said…
wow! way to go girl. is started cambridge and could not continue. i underestimated it. am motivated by you to start. am even adding prayer o. with God i will win this weight battle too. like you are winning now.

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