Hi people.

                                                          SAY CHEESE

How was the weekend? mine was short. i went to work yesterday so the weekend just ran by so fast.

It was such an eventful weekend thou. i went for the african praise night where i broke my glasses when i was dancing and praising God.

I employ everybody to come for the next one which is in October. It was like i was in a club but with christian music, dancing from 8pm till 4am in the morning it was so amazing i will drop the details of the next one for every reader of mine in Lagos Nigeria to attend.

Drumroll tomorrow is the long awaited one month weigh in. the last time i weighed myself i was 142kg so trough out the month of July i have gone to my consultant and not Once have i looked at the scale.

Do i have a number i want to see on the scale? yes off course.....but truthfully, i really do not mind what the numbers say. i am loving what my clothes are saying instead. I am wearing clothes that fat did not allow me to enjoy in years.

July has come with a lot of excitement aside from my weight loss journey, also in my personal life as well.

I am totally stoked about what the rest of my life has to bring forth to be honest,

To all my cheerleaders out there, I love you all. you make me want to put in more work and do better every single day.

When i started this blog,it was so that i could be accountable, and thats exactly what you guys make me:Accountable.

I promise to write more often and drop more posts.Also planning a total blog over haul, watch this space.LOL.

Look out tomorrow, ill be dropping my new weight in kg's here for everybody to see. Are you excited?

I definitely am.

I am out of here people

Love and light.

Nossybelle out.X


I must say I am expectant. Maybe u shud tell us to guess and give the correct person a *hugs*
nosayaba bello said…
AWW ife? what a great idea.i will consider that.. ill let you all sweat a little bit....Kiss Kiss...
Anonymous said…
Fashionista in the making. Hayyy! Lagos no go hear word again oh. See the poses mehn. Hehe see you tomorrow. Mowumi xx
Zee said…
Am expectant too....can't wait to get the

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